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  • 1 . 93. (248) Which of the materials submittal methods requires an independent testing lab?
    Test report
  • 2 . 50. (014) In AFI 10–404, Base Support and Expeditionary Site Planning, where would you find guidance on depicting utility layouts that reflect possible expansion of USAF and host nation lines?
    Attachment 45 (Ch 44, “Maps, Part 1”)
  • 3 . 26. (210) To be suitable for construction, concrete should be
    well graded, economical, strong, and watertight.
  • 4 . 18. (005) How are the airfield planning criteria in UFC 3–260–01 applied to existing facilities constructed under different standards?
    Existing facilities must be brought into compliance with these criteria when the facilities are modified.
  • 5 . 68. (230) A unit of electrical measure that shows current drain is
  • 6 . 49. (218) The dimensional stability of plywood is improved through
  • 7 . 43. (215) Walls, columns, piers, or pilasters resting on footings are used with
    spread foundations
  • 8 . 21. (006) If an accident potential zone (APZ) is classified as an APZ I, it is beyond
    the runway clear zone and has a significant potential for accidents
  • 9 . 43. (012) During an expeditionary site survey, data is collected in which components?
    Pre-site survey, site survey, post-site survey
  • 10 . 56. (016) A full aircraft mishap survey party consists of a survey party chief (SPC) and instrument operator, as well as
    an instrument operator recorder, rod person, and rod person recorder