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  • 1 . 90. (246) What is the purpose of AF Form 103, Base Civil Engineering Work Clearance Request?
    Make sure that suitable measures are taken to prevent accidents and disruptions to base functions.
  • 2 . 44. (215) In general, footings should be located so that they
    are above the ground water table but below the frost line.
  • 3 . 53. (015) The minimum airfield operating strip marking system (MAOSMS) must be correct because it
    allows pilots to visually acquire the airfield’s operating surface on approach
  • 4 . 20. (006) What is the normal length and width of a clear zone for a class B runway?
    3,000 feet long and 3,000 feet wide
  • 5 . 32. (212) Which tests determine the soundness of concrete aggregates?
    Freeze-thaw, salt, and undesirable light weight materials.
  • 6 . 44. (013) Expeditionary site survey data collected with the survey tool for employment planning (STEP) is stored in the
    Employment knowledge base (EKB)
  • 7 . 50. (218) In regard to wood framing, values known as allowable unit stresses consider the
    effects of strength reducing characteristics such as knots.
  • 8 . 33. (010) If possible, assets to be protected under the anti-terrorism/force protection (AT/FP) programshould
    not be identified with signs
  • 9 . 96. (250) Where can the documented proof of the construction project be placed?
    Daily log maintained by project manager
  • 10 . 20. (208) Which of these is not one of the functions of aggregate in a bituminous pavement mix?
    Provide a binder for the bitumen