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  • 1 . 18. (206) What is the minimum distance required between the top of the base course and the natural water table if frost action is to be prevented?
    5 feet.
  • 2 . 81. (240) Independent Government Cost Estimates should be classified
    For Official Use Only.
  • 3 . 70. (231) When designing emergency electrical loads you should consider the
    minimum essential load, emergency load for vital operations, and uninterruptible (no-break) load.
  • 4 . 63. (227) The two general classifications of fans are
    axial and centrifugal
  • 5 . 56. (016) A full aircraft mishap survey party consists of a survey party chief (SPC) and instrument operator, as well as
    an instrument operator recorder, rod person, and rod person recorder
  • 6 . 41. (012) What are the three sub-processes of the expeditionary site survey process (ESSP)?
    Site selection, data selection, storage and access
  • 7 . 99. (251) Who should be present for the prefinal construction inspection?
    Project inspector, contractor, and construction manager.
  • 8 . 38. (011) You will find a complete listing of the functional responsibilities for beddown operations in
    AFI 10–404
  • 9 . 91. (247) Who conducts the pre-performance conference (PRECON) for a construction project?
    Contracting officer
  • 10 . The Air Force Comprehensive Planning Program
    identifies and assesses alternatives for development of Air Force bases