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  • 1 . 23. (007) Which is not considered an obstruction to air navigation?
    A 100-foot-tall object within 3 nautical miles of the airfield reference point
  • 2 . 43. (012) During an expeditionary site survey, data is collected in which components?
    Pre-site survey, site survey, post-site survey
  • 3 . 89. (246) Who completes the AF Form 103, Base Civil Engineering Work Clearance Request, for contract work according to the FARs?
  • 4 . 99. (251) Who should be present for the prefinal construction inspection?
    Project inspector, contractor, and construction manager.
  • 5 . 10. (002) Which map series would you refer to for information about the architectural compatibility of your base?
  • 6 . 20. (208) Which of these is not one of the functions of aggregate in a bituminous pavement mix?
    Provide a binder for the bitumen
  • 7 . 49. (014) In the context of expeditionary site planning, what are limiting factors (LIMFAC)?
    Personnel or materiel deficiencies that threaten the mission.
  • 8 . 38. (011) You will find a complete listing of the functional responsibilities for beddown operations in
    AFI 10–404
  • 9 . 15. (206) To prevent the flow of water from standing in low places and seeping into the ground, the minimum longitudinal grade of a ditch should be
    0.5 percent
  • 10 . 25. (007) Which runway imaginary surface is an oval-shaped plane at an elevation of 150 feet above the airfield elevation?
    Inner horizontal surface.