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  • 1 . 52. (020) How many workflow capabilities are available to you on a SharePoint Server?
  • 2 . 11. (202) What method is considered the least preferred when controlling hazards and should not be relied upon alone to protect against hazards.
    Use of personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • 3 . 22. (010) What policy outlines the United States (US) Armed Forces’ comprehensive strategic approach for using cyberspace operations to assure US military strategic superiority in the cyber domain?
    National Military Strategy for Cyberspace Operations
  • 4 . 74. (025) What personnel oversees technical order requirements and distribution within an organization?
    Technical Order Distribution Office (TODO).
  • 5 . 70. (226) What Microsoft application is a personal information manager?
  • 6 . 43. (016) The commander, Air Force forces (COMAFFOR) commands an Air Expeditionary Task Force (AETF) and provides unity of command to a
    Joint Force Commander (JFC)
  • 7 . 93. (238) Which system is a radar Tracker/Correlator software program hosted on a powerful server-based computer system that takes inputs from long range and short-range radars and displays it all on a scope?
    Battle Control System-Fixed (BCS-F).
  • 8 . 29. (206) What three parts make up Communications and Information Systems Installation Record (CSIR)?
    Administrative record, drawing record, and maintenance record.
  • 9 . 40. (208) What negative effect could occur when star networks are interconnected?
    When the central node point fails, large portions of the network become isolated
  • 10 . 61. (219) Which device works as a transceiver that converts the electrical signal utilized in copper unshielded twisted pair (UTP) network cabling to light waves used for fiber optic cabling.
    Media converter.