2T051 VOLUME 2 Practice Test

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  • 1 . What is the most common Department of Defense (DD) form that lists a special packaging instruction for a particular item being offered for shipment?
    1348–1A, Issue Release/Receipt Document.
  • 2 . Under the wood packaging material program, how must the wood be marked/stamped?
    With the words or letters “Certified DOD Pest Free”, “HT,” or “ KD”.
  • 3 . What characteristic of cushioning is the difference between the original thickness of a cushioning material and the thickness of the same material after it has been released from compression?
    Compression set
  • 4 . When an item is shipped in a reusable container, if the container is no longer needed at the current location where is it deposited?
    Reusable Container World Wide Warehouse System
  • 5 . What term refers to local transportation services obtained by contract?
  • 6 . Within what time period after discovery must the traffic management flight (TMF) notify appropriate addressees regarding discrepancies for classified shipments?
    24 hours.
  • 7 . When constructing lumber-sheathed crates, a construction technique used to brace the sheathing and avoid racking stresses is adding
    diagonal frame members.
  • 8 . What type of reusable container is pre-fabricated, and the cushioning never changes?
    Fast pack.
  • 9 . Which military level of preservation provides protection that is required to meet the most severe worldwide shipment, handling, and storage conditions?
  • 10 . What is the most common defect in box construction?
    Inadequate nailing.