2T051 Volume 2 Practice Test

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  • 1 . When blocking and bracing ammunition and explosives, what type of equipment should you use?
    A brass hammer.
  • 2 . What term describes a material designated by the Environmental Protection Agency that could cause damage to the environment?
    Hazardous substance
  • 3 . What program was designed to ensure Department of Defense (DOD) shippers get the best value available from commercial freight movers?
    Carrier Performance Program (CPP).
  • 4 . What describes the transportation of all materiel from a procurement source to the first point at which the Air Force takes possession or ownership?
    First destination transportation.
  • 5 . What Department of Defense (DOD) form is normally used to in-check cargo that was transported through the Defense Transportation System at most overseas locations?
    1384, Transportation Control and Movement Document
  • 6 . What office is the single point clearance authority that controls movement of export and import cargo through sea terminals?
    Surface Distribution and Deployment Command (SDDC)
  • 7 . The purpose of a report of shipment (REPSHIP) is to
    give advance notice to the receiving cargo movements element that a classified or sensitive shipment is on the way.
  • 8 . What publication regulates all hazardous material domestic commercial modes of transportation?
    Title 49, Code of Federal Regulations
  • 9 . Which major command provides a website to determine proper transportation account code (TAC) assignment based on the assigned national stock number (NSN)?
    Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC)
  • 10 . What publication applies to classification of shipments moving by rail?
    United Freight Classification (UFC).