2T051 Volume 2 Practice Test

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  • 1 . What organization is responsible for managing the Department of Defense (DOD) Worldwide Cargo Transportation Discrepancy Reporting and Analysis System?
    Surface Distribution and Deployment Command (SDDC) Operations Center.
  • 2 . In what manner are shipment records documented on registers?
    Numerical sequence
  • 3 . The transportation advice provided to contracting procurement officers
    becomes a part of the permanent record in the contract files.
  • 4 . Which military method of preservation includes use of a desiccant?
  • 5 . What Department of Defense (DOD) form is used to enter cargo into the Defense Transportation System?
    1384, Transportation Control and Movement Document
  • 6 . What version of the Operator’s Inspection Guide and Trouble report is used as a checklist to inspect a forklift?
    Air Force (AF) Form 1800.
  • 7 . What program is designed to ensure special containers are available at a moment’s notice to send reparable aircraft parts to repair depots for remanufacture?
    Reusable container program
  • 8 . What product is an inventory in requisition number sequence of outbound shipments that have not been received by the destination customer?
    R40 listing.
  • 9 . What system automatically calculates carrier tonnage and provides a convenient log of cargo distribution?
    Cargo Movement Operations System (CMOS).
  • 10 . What type of power saw is primarily used for cross-cutting wood?
    Radial arm.