2W171 Edit Code 7 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is 2W171 01 1705, Edit Code 07

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  • 1 . The three main human factors you should consider when it comes to safety in your work center are
    physiological, physical, and organizational
  • 2 . The flightline inspection that is an integral part of any loading operation is
  • 3 . Which component consists of two mating assemblies, the plug and the receptacle?
    Connector system
  • 4 . The Air Force Instruction (AFI) that covers Air Force occupational safety instructions for electrical safety is
  • 5 . The total force integration concept that gives one component commander the authority to designate objectives, assign tasks, and provide the direction to another component subordinate necessary to accomplish the mission is
    operational direction
  • 6 . The type of flightline inspection that is done because of a defect or to inspect a particular item or system for a defect is called a/an
    one-time inspection.
  • 7 . Which inspection concept is used to inspect individual areas, components, and systems to a degree beyond the scheduled inspection and maintenance requirements listed in the –6?
    Programmed depot maintenance
  • 8 . Which shipping condition would require a report of discrepancy (ROD)?
    Condition of item in excess of $100 differs from what is shown on shipping document
  • 9 . The level of your maintenance system primarily concerned with testing and repair, replacement of component parts, line replaceable units, and alternate mission equipment (AME) is called
  • 10 . The database that gives higher headquarters “real-time” visibility of munitions accountability is the
    Combat ammunition system (CAS).