2W171 Edit Code 7 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is 2W171 01 1705, Edit Code 07

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  • 1 . You must evaluate a recent formal school graduate's military bearing and technical ability within
    90 days
  • 2 . Which functional area can authorize a fighter unit to conduct dual loading operations (DLO)?
    Major Command (MAJCOM)
  • 3 . The Air Force Instruction (AFI) that covers Air Force occupational safety instructions for electrical safety is
  • 4 . The level of maintenance performed on or off-equipment at a major repair facility is called
  • 5 . The one sure way you can undermine the supply system is by
    using the wrong priority when ordering parts.
  • 6 . Who determines the need for an explosive site plan (ESP)?
    Weapons safety personnel.
  • 7 . Historically, who ensures the independence and integrity of safety investigation boards (SIB)?
  • 8 . How many authorized inspection concepts are used for aircraft?
  • 9 . In the unlikely event that an aircraft does not return from a mission, which AF IMT provides an accurate record of what type and number of munitions were loaded, and the part/serial numbers of installed alternate mission equipment (AME)?
  • 10 . The flightline inspection that is an integral part of any loading operation is