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  • 1 . 58. (215) What type(s) of paint are used for paint striping?
    Nonreflectorized and reflectorized.
  • 2 . 12. (203) Which shoring method is particularly useful with reinforced concrete columns that have not been seriously damaged, yet show signs of cracking or minor fracture?
  • 3 . 36. (412) Which unit of measure is equal to ten meters?
  • 4 . 46. (016) What do you need before you can access the Interim Work Information Management System?
    A Logon ID, password, computer with VUWin, and access to local area network.
  • 5 . 83. (028) What type of technical order includes data extracted from some other document, such as another TO?
  • 6 . 45. (211) Which RRR set(s) supports the repair of three bomb craters in four hours?
    Basic (R–1) RRR set only.
  • 7 . 75. (422) Which procedure do you use to cut cast iron with the portable bandsaw?
    Cut cast iron dry.
  • 8 . 23. (205) Where is the on-center spacing for the first studs placed in a hard-back tent frame side wall?
    3 feet 9 inches.
  • 9 . 63. (021) When performing lockout/tagout procedures, what must you do if the equipment to be locked out is still operating?
    Shut it down using the normal stopping procedures.
  • 10 . 31. (011) What recurring work program term refers to the description of work needed?