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  • 1 . 38. (413) How many total inches are in 15 feet 7 inches?
    187 inches.
  • 2 . 24. (206) How should the locking pins on a TEMPER end arches be installed and why?
    From the outside towards the inside to prevent fabric damage.
  • 3 . 52. (018) Who maintains warranty and guarantee information on items of equipment installed by the operations flight?
    Operations work centers.
  • 4 . 47. (211) What is the acceptable repair quality criteria that the filled-in crater should be in comparison with the adjacent undamaged pavement surfaces?
    Flush, plus or minus ¾ inch.
  • 5 . 35. (412) Which metric system term is a unit of weight measurement?
  • 6 . 72. (023) What type of asbestos product poses the greatest risk?
    Pipe insulation.
  • 7 . 69. (420) What is the final step in performing preventative maintenance on a rotary punch?
    Make the appropriate entries in the maintenance record folder.
  • 8 . 80. (423) Before using an upright bandsaw, to what height must you adjust the blade guide assembly above the material being cut?
    1/8 inch or less.
  • 9 . Who is usually the highest-grade civilian in the civil engineer squadron?
    Deputy base civil engineer.
  • 10 . 33. (208) How is the MSS’s floor installed when the cold weather kit is used?
    Install the insulated floor pads first; then install the floor with the black-side down.