C3P051 Practice Test

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  • 1 . What is the resource protection concept?
    To provide the utmost degree of protection, for the greatest number of assets, for the least cost
  • 2 . Under what circumstances would you immediately remove any person or persons from the range?
    If they repeat infractions, disregard instructions, or flagrantly violate safety practices
  • 3 . What should you do with a training aid that supports an old topic?
    Put them out of sight so they do not distract the students.
  • 4 . Although it is a multipurpose round, where is the M576/multiple projectile (buckshot) round most effective?
    Most effective for thick vegetated areas or for room clearing
  • 5 . When is a tower operator not required?
    If there are three or less shooters shooting rifle, pistol, or shotgun during daylight conditions
  • 6 . What are the two elements of "aiming" a weapon?
    Sight alignment and sight picture
  • 7 . Which part of the M9 pistol sits between the firing pin striker and the firing pin?
    Firing pin block.
  • 8 . During the firing cycle of operations for the MK19 machine gun, when you press the trigger, the trigger depresses the operating rod, which depresses the tip of the
    receiver sear.
  • 9 . What is the minimum load for the trigger pull test?
    8 lbs
  • 10 . For maintenance purposes, why would you need to use a brass punch and hammer?
    To correct a weapon sight out of adjustment