C3P051 Practice Test

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  • 1 . Which M203 grenade launcher rounds is designed to inflict personal casualties using an air-burst effect?
    M397, high explosive jump up fragmentation
  • 2 . Out to how many meters can the MK19 machine gun provide base defense units with automatic high explosives fire support?
    2,212 meters
  • 3 . Students usually accept instructor feedback if it is presented with
    conviction and sincerity.
  • 4 . What are the two aspects of sensing?
    Range and deviation
  • 5 . You have an unknown malfunction and your MK19 machine gun won’t shoot. What is the first thing you should do?
    Perform a function check to locate specific problem
  • 6 . When conducting the preventative maintenance checks and services (PMCS) on the receiver of the MK19, how many welded pins are you verifying are present?
  • 7 . What is the approximate muzzle velocity for the M4 carbine?
    2,970 feet per second (fps) (905 meters per second) (mps)).
  • 8 . Determining were a grenade explodes with respect to the target is called
  • 9 . This part of the M249 automatic rifle (AR) moves on a guide rail fixed to the right side of the receiver and pulls moving parts rearward?
    Cocking handle assembly
  • 10 . If the weapon locks with headspace gauge, what should you do?
    Do not use until the weapon is repaired