3P051 Practice Test

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  • 1 . Defense Biometric Identification System (DBIDS) is capable of reading all of the following forms of identifications except
    state identification cards
  • 2 . Personnel assigned to the Priority III routine category should be evacuated within how many hours?
  • 3 . In the Security Forces’ (SF) unit S-function structure, which “S” branch is typically the largest?
  • 4 . Depending on the heat and your activity level, how much water should you drink per hour?
    0.5 to 1.25 quarts
  • 5 . Which target indicator is among the most difficult for the enemy to avoid?
    Contrast with the background
  • 6 . What are the 6 types of ammunition used in the M2?
    M1A1 blank, M8 , M17, M20, M33, MK211 Mod 0
  • 7 . Through which agency will the Base Defense Operations Center (BDOC) up-channel COVERED WAGON reportable incidents?
    Installation command post
  • 8 . Individuals awaiting the filing of charges, disposition of charges, trial by courts-martial, or trial by foreign court are designated as
    pretrial detainees.
  • 9 . What is the primary method for identifying observations and potential lessons identified?
    After action report.
  • 10 . 3. Who must review the installation entry procedures for legal sufficiency?
    Servicing SJA office