3P051 Practice Test

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  • 1 . When posted as an IAC (Installation Access Controller), how should you position yourself to maximize your visibility to on-coming traffic?
    Stand facing towards on-coming traffic near the gatehouse where the driver can see you
  • 2 . Which agency is the most notable intergovernmental organization (IGO) in the world?
    United Nations.
  • 3 . What convoy movement formation can only be used on multilane roads?
  • 4 . To whom should commanders address all sovereignty issues through to avoid adverse effects on operations?
    The chain of command to the US ambassador
  • 5 . How do you read a grid map in order to find a grid coordinate?
    From left to right, bottom to top.
  • 6 . What is defined as a threat or attempt to strike another, whether successful or not, provided the target is aware of the danger?
  • 7 . Prior to applying handcuffs, you gain positive control of a subject by grasping the
    ring or middle finger.
  • 8 . As a BDOC controller, what must you maintain no matter how hectic or stressful circumstances become?
    Your composure and control of the situation
  • 9 . What is the first step when unloading the X26?
    Make sure the safety is in the down (SAFE) position
  • 10 . Who must approve each installation localized integrated defense plan (IDP)?
    Installation commander.