3P051 Practice Test

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  • 1 . Explain Operation Safe Side.
    An effort to bolster protection of air bases by training SP in light infantry tactics and special weapons
  • 2 . Which ammunition is an inert training practice round with a propellant charge?
  • 3 . ) Personnel assigned to the Priority II priority category should be evacuated within how many hours?
  • 4 . Security Forces Management Information System’s (SFMIS) users report information only to those with
    a valid need to know.
  • 5 . On the AN/PVS–14 monocular night vision device (MNVD), what component enables the operator to see azimuth readings in the monocular?
  • 6 . Which Uniform Code of Military Justice’s (UCMJ) article states who is subject to military jurisdiction or military law?
    Article 2.
  • 7 . What course must a trainee attend for awarding of the 7-skill level, Air Force specialty code (AFSC) 3P071?
    SF craftsman resident course.
  • 8 . The M24 is effective against point targets out to how many meters?
  • 9 . What Desired Effect is achieved through appropriate, progressive force application, coordinated security forces response, and integration of total force?
  • 10 . How should you mark the boundary of mass parking and temporary restricted areas?
    Elevated markers.