2T051 Volume 1 Practice Test

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  • 1 . An effective training program encompasses all of the following except?
    Following the complex principles of training
  • 2 . What is the first choice of travel when members are traveling overseas?
    Air Mobility Command (AMC) category B
  • 3 . Which documents require transmission security in the 2T0 career field?
    The deployment sequence of events (DSOE) cargo and passenger manifest
  • 4 . Which finance activity will update an Air Force member’s personal information (e.g., rank and status) before forwarding the personal property government bill of lading (PPGBL) to the Air Force excess cost adjudication function (ECAF) at the Joint Personal Property Shipping Office–San Antonio (JPPSO–SAT)?
    DFAS, South Dakota
  • 5 . Which person is the focal point for people who need to arrange official travel?
    Passenger travel clerk
  • 6 . What form is used to request services for Non-Temporary Storage lots?
    DD Form 1164
  • 7 . Which item is not part of the passenger travel entitlement process?
    If orders are incorrect, you will request an amendment on behalf of the traveler
  • 8 . Which method is normally used to pay for tickets when the Government charge card company is not used?
    Government Travel Request (GTR)
  • 9 . Destination personal property storage-in-transit (SIT) charges can be eliminated by
    arranging for delivery of the member’s personal property immediately upon arrival
  • 10 . Which organization is NOT part of the basic organizational structure?
    United States Air Force Academy (USAFA)