2T051 Volume 1 Practice Test

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  • 1 . Which publication contains household goods (HHG) weight allowances for all uniformed service members?
    JFTR, Joint Federal Travel Regulation, Volume 1
  • 2 . Which flight is not part of the Logistics Readiness Squadron? (LRS)
    Mission Support Group
  • 3 . There are four types of computer inquiries performed through Enterprise Solution-Supply (ES-S). Which item is not a type?
    Serial number record
  • 4 . Which organization is NOT part of the basic organizational structure?
    United States Air Force Academy (USAFA)
  • 5 . Which item is not a training responsibility?
    Manage CDC progress and provide assistance ONLY when requested
  • 6 . Which regulation list overseas areas and restrictions each country ?
    Personal Property Consignment Guide (PPCIG) Volume 2
  • 7 . Which tag is not used to identify an items condition?
    DD Form 1578
  • 8 . The reject phrase is made up of three elements. Which item is not an element?
    A reject flag
  • 9 . What form is used to request services for Non-Temporary Storage lots?
    DD Form 1164
  • 10 . The hand held terminal (HHT) user must first authenticate their credentials with
    the Air Force Portal