2A656 Practice Test

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  • 1 . In the direct current (DC) power supply system, the delta-wound secondaries of the internal transformer in the transformer rectifier (TR) unit are used to provide a more stable
    current output
  • 2 . What reading would the ohmmeter display for a shorted component in a series-parallel circuit?
    Lower than normal or zero.
  • 3 . The differential section of the cabin pressure regulator in a fixed isobaric single-differential pressurization system consists of
    a diaphragm, spring, and metering valve
  • 4 . Which cargo aircraft's temperature control component produces an electrical signal that causes the temperature control valve to increase or decrease the compartment temperature to correct an unbalanced bridge condition?
  • 5 . How many gallons of liquid coolant should initially be pumped into the aircraft liquid coolant system with the radar shunt hose installed?
  • 6 . An important key to mission success is
    a sound training program
  • 7 . To perform a leakage test on an entire bleed air distribution system you
    listen and feel for leaks.
  • 8 . Screwdrivers are sized by the length of the ___.
  • 9 . Which bleed air system component modulates to maintain a constant downstream air pressure?
    Airflow regulator.
  • 10 . The warning light in the cockpit is activated by this component if duct pressure on a fighter aircraft's air-conditioning system (ACS) becomes excessive.
    Turbine over speed switch.