2A656 Practice Test

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  • 1 . Which publications are considered working handbooks?
    Air Force manuals
  • 2 . The butterfly valve of the air-conditioning pressure limiter is open when
    there is not enough pressure applied to the system.
  • 3 . What is a temporary storage location designed to store nuclear materials in transit through a base called?
    Safe Haven
  • 4 . The extent to which the primary's magnetic lines cut across the secondary is expressed as ___.
    coefficient of coupling.
  • 5 . What important fact must you remember, that can be overlooked, when replacing gaskets used in aircraft ducting?
    Always install a new gasket each time a joint is reconnected.
  • 6 . After performing an evaporation loss test on a liquid oxygen system, you fill the converter to its capacity with liquid oxygen and
    allow it to stabilize 2 hours before taking next reading
  • 7 . The current in a two-phase induction motor is ___.
    90ยบ out-of-phase.
  • 8 . Wire insulation may consist of several layers of nonconducting material that provides ___.
    thermal protection and fluid resistance.
  • 9 . In the bleed air anti-icing system, the engine bleed air (EBA) supply duct has a distribution duct (piccolo tube) that can be attached to the leading edge section. If it is, you must then replace the tube by removing
    the leading edge section
  • 10 . If a bleed air system leak is found in a high pressure/high temperature area, your next step is to
    inspect for heat damage.