2A656 Practice Test

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  • 1 . One purpose of the fan in the aircraft bleed air system cooling turbine and fan assembly is to prevent
    turbine over speeding.
  • 2 . For aircraft pressurization systems to operate properly, you should note that as the aircraft pressurizes, the outflow safety valve opens at the same time once the
    pneumatic relay opens.
  • 3 . While troubleshooting an inoperative taxi light in the aircraft lighting system, if you find 28-volts alternating current (VAC) on terminal A2 of the taxi light relay your next checkpoint would usually be at the
    lamp terminals to ground
  • 4 . The flow control valve control in the bleed air air-conditioning system controls flow by maintaining a constant differential pressure between the
    inlet and throat of the venturi.
  • 5 . What controls the flow of the current carriers in a transistor?
  • 6 . All of these aircraft systems use engine bleed air except
    fire extinguishing.
  • 7 . How many gallons of liquid coolant should initially be pumped into the aircraft liquid coolant system with the radar shunt hose installed?
  • 8 . You should check this component first if one outflow safety valve opens fully when the aircraft starts to pressurize.
    Pneumatic relay.
  • 9 . What is the minimum personal protective equipment (PPE) you are required to wear when performing routine sealed lead-acid batteries (SLAB) maintenance?
    Safety toe boots only.
  • 10 . Prior to removing any connector plug in the nose wheel steering system, you must
    disconnect the power