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  • 1 . The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) test is required every
    2 years
  • 2 . During which stages of the contingency are health threat briefings provided?
    Pre, during and post
  • 3 . If workers cannot receive audiograms before they begin working in a hazardous noise environment, within how many days prior to beginning a job must the reference audiogram be performed?
  • 4 . In most cases, what is the lowest major division in the classification system of insects?
  • 5 . Which base shops have hazardous metal fumes, sparks and burns that cause eye and skin irritation, fire and explosion, and exposure to ultraviolet and infrared radiation that causes burns?
    Welding shops
  • 6 . When employees are not complying with the wearing of hearing protection devices, document it on
    Chronological Record of Workplace Surveillance
  • 7 . How should units without contractor support dispose of medical waste?
    Burial or incineration
  • 8 . Where do most complications develop when a human is infected with malaria?
  • 9 . When must medical intelligence (MI) be used as a preventive measure to be effective?
    Prior to a unit’s deployment
  • 10 . What is the condition in which living tissue is infested with maggots?