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  • 1 . When an investigation is necessary for a chemical exposure and an Occupational Illness Report has been initiated, who is the office of primary responsibility (OPR) for corrective action within the shop?
    Bioenvironmental Engineering
  • 2 . How many straddle trench latrines should be constructed for each 100 men?
  • 3 . Who can workplace supervisors request assistance from in regards to training for employees?
    Public Health
  • 4 . What is the generally acceptable patient no-show appointment rate for a base when monitoring the hearing conservation program (HCP)?
    Less than 10 percent
  • 5 . If you powder a floor to survey for tracks, the hind feet prints of a rodent will show how many toes?
  • 6 . What are the two primary methods used to control the transmission of the hepatitis B virus (HBV) and the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in acute care facilities?
    Engineering controls and work practice controls
  • 7 . Which document contains important safety information about hazardous materials used in workplaces?
    Safety Data Sheet
  • 8 . Which part of the ear is considered tonotopic?
    Basilar membrane
  • 9 . Where should personnel report if they experience irritation or discomfort of the ear canals or head as a result of routine use of hearing protection?
    Public Health
  • 10 . An example of an occupational illness is
    a heatstroke due to a hot work environment