Z4A051 Vol 4 EC4 Practice Test

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  • 1 . (653) Which statement best defines prime vendors?
    Civilian companies contracted by Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) that usually deliver supplies within 24 hours
  • 2 . (652) Who appoints the trusted agents for issuing and ensuring member notification to provide a urine sample?
  • 3 . (606) Before giving the potentially disqualifying information (PDI) letter to the competent medical authority (CMA), what should you do?
    Have another 4A or 4N perform a quality review.
  • 4 . (633) What is it called when a request for an increase in the unit manpower document (UMD) authorization must be accompanied by a proposal for equivalent offsetting resource/decrease from elsewhere?
    Zero balance transaction
  • 5 . (635) What is trained/ prepared to accomplish their assigned tasks and duties to augment or to offset dwindling active duty manpower in support of the Total Air Force and national objectives?
    Individual mobilization augmentee
  • 6 . (653) The end item of medical equipment that has a unit cost of between $3,300 and $250,000, a life expectancy of at least 5 years, and maintains its identity during use is classified as
    medical expense equipment
  • 7 . (609) Both a notification and a potentially disqualifying information (PDI) letter are required when the patient is
    currently suspended and the suspension is extended
  • 8 . (635) What is intended to mitigate the effects on deployments on healthcare access, quality, and scope?
    Oversees contingency operations
  • 9 . (646) You change members’ duty status to “absent without leave – AWOL” when they have an unauthorized absence of more than
    24 hours, but less than 30 days
  • 10 . (625) How should entries in the medical record pertaining to medical affirmative claims cases be stamped?
    Medical affirmative claim