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  • 1 . If a page is found missing from a technical order (TO), it
    is not valid and must be removed from service.
  • 2 . Frequency-modulation (FM) provides more realistic sound reproduction over amplitude- modulation (AM) because
    of an increase in the number of sidebands
  • 3 . Why is the synchro motor inertia damper necessary?
    Reduces motor oscillations
  • 4 . Who initiates the Report of Survey?
  • 5 . In the Air Force how many levels of maintenance do we have?
  • 6 . What are examples of shop stock?
    Gas cylinders, random length bar stock, sheet metal, plastic, and fabric.
  • 7 . How would you repair pages that have been ripped out of a technical order (TO) binder?
    Use paper reinforcements.
  • 8 . Interim safety supplements are transmitted
  • 9 . Where is a defective part sent in the repair cycle?
    Back shop.
  • 10 . Which type of connector is used primarily with coax, twinax, and triax cables?
    Radio frequency