2A354N Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is 2A354N 01 1112, 02 1205

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  • 1 . What type of inspection is more thorough than a preflight?
    Basic postflight.
  • 2 . When is a technician qualified to sign off a red dash or diagonal?
    When the technician has completed training on the task which has been signed off in their training records
  • 3 . What can an impedance mismatch between cables and components of a system cause?
    Excessive reflection which can cause reduced power transferred through a transmission line as well as transmitter failure
  • 4 . Which TOs should be used for repair and assembly of RF connectors?
    TO 1–1A–14 and applicable aircraft wiring TO
  • 5 . How would you determine if a connector plug is front-release of rear-release?
    Consult the aircraft wiring TO or TO 1–1A–14
  • 6 . In the Air Force how many levels of maintenance do we have?
  • 7 . Radio frequency (RF) connectors are the weak link in the RF transmission and reception path because
    they are easily damaged.
  • 8 . Bench stock should carry enough of an item to last for
    30 days.
  • 9 . What color tag is used on a new part?
  • 10 . Which statement is not true concerning hazardous noise?
    Short duration exposure to hazardous noise is not very harmful.