2A354N Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is 2A354N 01 1112, 02 1205

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  • 1 . Changes in the text of a technical order (TO) are indicated by
    a heavy black vertical line in the outer margin of the page
  • 2 . Which section is the primary work center responsible for maintaining the assigned aircraft?
    The Aircraft Section
  • 3 . What factor(s) determine the amount of laser energy absorbed by the skin?
    Power and wavelength of the laser beam and degree of skin pigmentation
  • 4 . Which numbering system has only two symbols, 0 and 1?
  • 5 . Work cards are normally grouped by type of
    specialist required and by work area.
  • 6 . What would the priority recommendation be if a time compliance technical order (TCTO) were deficient?
  • 7 . What tag do we put with unserviceable but repairable parts and what color is it?
    The DD Form 1577–2; green
  • 8 . When a change in position input to the servomechanism occurs, what signal is amplified and applied to the servomotor?
    Error signal
  • 9 . Convert the binary number 1110111(2) to octal form.
  • 10 . Convert the hexadecimal number XF6B7 to binary form.