2W151A Edit Code 7 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is 2W151A 01 1612, Edit Code 07

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  • 1 . If weapons are consolidated at a deployed location, the persons charged with custody of the weapons must be
    armed and have the capability to sound an alarm
  • 2 . What is the unit of measure for movement of electrons through a conductor?
  • 3 . Which system’s purpose is to store maintenance data needed by major commands and other agencies to manage and track maintenance resources worldwide?
    Integrated Maintenance Data System.
  • 4 . What should you refer to when checklists do not cover local variations?
    Maintenance operating instructions
  • 5 . What concept is designed to ensure that a lone individual is denied access to nuclear weapons, nuclear weapon systems, or critical components and does not allow the opportunity for tampering, damage, or an unauthorized act to go undetected?
  • 6 . What are the three general types of electrical troubles that develop in electrical circuits?
    Open, short, and grounded circuits
  • 7 . What is the primary objective of the repair cycle asset control system?
    Bring about the economy of spares procurement through effective management of assets.
  • 8 . Through what system does the Integrated Maintenance Information System (IMIS) order parts?
    Integrated Maintenance Data System (IMDS).
  • 9 . What three components are found in all circuits?
    Power source, load, and conductor
  • 10 . Which inspection is performed before resuming flying activity after the aircraft has been inactive for a specified period?