2W151A Edit Code 7 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is 2W151A 01 1612, Edit Code 07

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  • 1 . If weapons are consolidated at a deployed location, the persons charged with custody of the weapons must be
    armed and have the capability to sound an alarm
  • 2 . What action is taken when unserviceable property is turned in?
    Item is transferred to a repair activity.
  • 3 . The national stock number (NSN) is established by combining which two numbers?
    National item identification number and the federal supply classification
  • 4 . Which component of a battery generates the negative charge during operation?
  • 5 . An effective Air Force maintenance management system must have
    a well-organized management structure, latitude for MAJCOMs to tailor and streamline command management policy, and an efficient method of reporting maintenance data
  • 6 . What staff function manages the material deficiency reporting and technical order (TO) improvement reporting programs, tracks technical data currency, applicability and usability, and maintains a central TO file?
    Quality assurance.
  • 7 . In a generator, the electrons in the conductor nearest the south pole will be drawn towards the side of the coil that is closest to the
    north pole of the magnetic field
  • 8 . What are the preferred metal clamps used for grounding and bonding in electrical systems?
  • 9 . Any time that a conductor serves as the path for electrons to flow, it
    develops a magnetic field
  • 10 . Which armament flight section performs time compliance technical orders, inspections, and maintenance on assigned armament systems, guns, pylons, racks, launchers, and adapters?
    Armament maintenance.