2W151A Edit Code 7 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is 2W151A 01 1612, Edit Code 07

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  • 1 . The two-person concept is covered by what regulation?
    AFI 91–104, Nuclear Surety Tamper Control and Detection Programs
  • 2 . Which of the following substances is an insulator?
  • 3 . Which type of thermal circuit breaker can be opened as well as closed by the operator?
  • 4 . If possible, maintenance should be accomplished on which basis?
  • 5 . Nuclear mishaps are investigated to
    determine the cause and prevent recurrence
  • 6 . Which Air Force program provides feedback on the efficiency and effectiveness of the training courses?
    Training Evaluation Program.
  • 7 . The allowance standard (AS) prescribes the amount of
    equipment you are authorized.
  • 8 . What are the two operational modes of the Fluke 8025A digital multimeter?
    Range and hold
  • 9 . What effect does bonding have on static electrical charges?
    Equalizes them
  • 10 . Which type of hazard causes the majority of injuries on the job?
    Heavy lifting