2S071 Practice Test

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  • 1 . What do you do if the original documents are missing or badly mutilated?
    Fill out a new document based on the information you find from the mutilated documents.
  • 2 . What mission capable (MICAP) delete code indicates cannibalization has been used to preclude MICAP occurrence?
  • 3 . How often does the readiness base level (RBL) system run at Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC) to push RBLs to both base and depot?
  • 4 . How often are functional check listings run?
  • 5 . As it applies to wartime capability documents, what computer database tells you who, what, where, when, and how things need to deploy if the operations plan is implemented?
  • 6 . What freeze code is loaded to the item record of a warehouse refusal?
  • 7 . You should request "as required" computer products by using the
    AF Form 2011, Base Supply ADPE Work Request.
  • 8 . Who is responsible for the accuracy of inventory held under its control to include units maintaining communications security (COMSEC) and equipment in-use assets?
    Storage activity.
  • 9 . What does materiel management activities sign to maintain custody accountability?
    DD Form 1907, or carrier furnished signature and tally record.
  • 10 . What type of inventory is conducted using the closed warehouse method?