2S071 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is 2S071-01-0910, Edit Code 06

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  • 1 . How often is long term performed?
  • 2 . What listing is used to monitor awaiting part (AWP) end items?
  • 3 . What are additional warehouses called if they are located within the activities they are supporting?
    Supply Points.
  • 4 . What listing controls the assignment of bench stock item numbers and helps shop personnel locate bench stock items?
  • 5 . Which activity must approve all additions or deletions to the Health Hazard Approval Listing (HHAL)?
    Bioenvironmental Engineering Services (BES).
  • 6 . What do you do if the original documents are missing or badly mutilated?
    Fill out a new document based on the information you find from the mutilated documents.
  • 7 . Which difficulty report (DIREP) category code is assigned when problem stops the computer from processing input, but it does not cause looping or destroy accountable records?
  • 8 . Who notifies the individual by message not later than 30 days after selection?
    Head Quarters United States Air Force (HQ USAF)/A4R.
  • 9 . As a minimum, how often must standard reporting designator (SRD) data and minimum reserve authorization (MRA) levels be validated?
  • 10 . An effective analysis program must be based on
    organizational objectives.