2T357 Vol 3 EC 04 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is EC 04

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  • 1 . 64. (419) You can replenish working stock with the full authorized quantity when the on-hand quantity of an item is what percentage or less of the authorized quantity?
  • 2 . 46. (416) You submit this form to request non-national stock number (NSN) items.
    DD Form 1348–6, DOD Single Line Item Requisition System Document
  • 3 . 73. (421) When may tires be purchased locally?
    Upon receipt of a “kill” action showing non-availability
  • 4 . 11. (403) How often is the vehicle minimum essential level (MEL) listing developed?
  • 5 . Use this Fleet Management Information System (FMIS) transaction to access the scheduled maintenance report for vehicles that are due an inspection.
    “Inquiries” and select “upcoming work”
  • 6 . 19. (406) Which status does a request move into once it is submitted in the Transaction Request Tool (TRT)?
  • 7 . 31. (412) The primary objective of the Air Force fraud, waste, and abuse (FWA) program is to
    prevent such situations from occurring
  • 8 . 54. (417) At what point do you get charged the carcass price for a due-in from maintenance (DIFM) item?
    60 days
  • 9 . 13. (404) As a minimum, install all “completed” delayed parts
    during the next scheduled preventive maintenance
  • 10 . 29. (411) Which letter indicator is placed in the “NUC IND” column in the Fleet Management Information System (FMIS) if the vehicle is nuclear certified?