Z4B051 VOL5 EC3 Practice Test

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  • 1 . (826) What is the purpose of the eight tiny holes on the outside of a pitot tube?
    Detect static pressure
  • 2 . (806) What method of chlorination may be used if the pipes and components are kept clean and dry during the construction?
  • 3 . (830) Which respirator is designed to capture and scrub the exhaled air of carbon dioxide?
    Closed-circuit self-contained breathing apparatuses (SCBA).
  • 4 . (843) The goal in evaluating communication effectiveness, is to
    determine if the risk information or message reached the target audience
  • 5 . (850) Which statement best describes the primary objectives of the Air Force Emergency Management Program?
    Continue, sustain, and restore operational capabilities
  • 6 . (819) Which type of velocity refers to the speed of air at a point in front of a hood that is needed to pull contaminants into the hood?
    Capture velocity
  • 7 . (845) Relating to the installation HAZCOM program, which is a responsibility of the Bioenvironmental Engineering (BE) Flight?
    Assess effectiveness of worker HAZCOM program training, including work area training
  • 8 . (846) Upon your arrival, the HAZCOM program manager for the shop provides you with the chemical inventory. Which chemicals should be listed on this inventory?
    Every chemical used in the shop
  • 9 . (805) Which is the most common type of water treatment used at AF installations?
  • 10 . (825) What may be indicated by a very strong flow coming in an open door of a room containing a local exhaust system?
    Inadequate makeup air