3F5X1 Practice Test

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  • 1 . The easiest way to determine the type of file you are storing is by the file
  • 2 . When digitally signing an electronic mail message, the signature indicates the message is
  • 3 . Regarding publications and forms, how many sections are contained in Part I of the product announcement?
  • 4 . The Government Purchase Card (GPC) Program is governed by what Air Force instruction?
    64–117, Air Force Government-wide Purchase Card Program
  • 5 . Why would you create a tailored database report for your customers?
    To maintain data’s integrity
  • 6 . Which agency provides postal service to the Department of Defense (DOD) components in support of DOD missions?
    Military Postal Service (MPS)
  • 7 . The unit commander reviews the unit promotion roster to decide who
    should promotion test
  • 8 . Within the SharePoint gallery, which link section contains links to pages where you can modify administrative settings for a site?
    Site Administration
  • 9 . In the Air Force records management program, what type of official record cannot be altered?
  • 10 . What is the next level of counseling available to the supervisor after he or she has done a Record of Individual Counseling?
    Letter of Admonishment