3F5X1 Practice Test

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  • 1 . Which functional manager assigns collateral responsibility for training, classification, utilization and career development of enlisted Administration personnel?
    Base level functional manager
  • 2 . Commander’s calls are conducted at least
  • 3 . The Air Force On-the-Job Program consists of how many training components?
  • 4 . Which is not a Defense Collaboration Services pod that is available for conferences?
    Remote computer access
  • 5 . Who has the responsibility of identifying the requested Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) record so that it can be located with a reasonable amount of effort?
  • 6 . Which customer service technique focuses on being postured for scheduled tasks that occur frequently?
    Anticipate the need of the customer and exceed their expectations
  • 7 . In reference to files record management, what term includes transferring a record from one organization to another?
  • 8 . Which information is not required when submitting a change of reporting official (CRO)?
    Effective date of assignment
  • 9 . Which agency verifies outgoing mail for size, weight, and address compliance and dispatches mail at the lowest cost to the Air Force?
    Official Mail Center (OMC)
  • 10 . What is the basic building block of the Future Years Defense Program?
    Program element