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  • 1 . The key to reducing energy dependency and air pollution is
  • 2 . The main drawback of manufacturing pistons using aluminum metal results from
    its considerable expansion due to heat
  • 3 . What charging system test can help you identify whether a problem exists in the alternator, voltage regulator, or circuit?
    Regulator bypass
  • 4 . The purpose of the air bypass valve mounted on top of the multi-point throttle body is to
    control idle speed by controlling the amount of airflow
  • 5 . What is the condition of a supply item tagged with a green color, DD Form 1577–2?
    Unserviceable (reparable)
  • 6 . A regenerative brake system on an electric vehicle
    produces energy that is used during braking to recharge the batteries
  • 7 . The primary factor that normally determines personnel authorizations in a typical Vehicle Management shop is the
    number of VE
  • 8 . Which TCTO is issued for material, mechanical, operational, or tactical deficiencies?
    Routine action
  • 9 . When do you perform a visual inspection on vehicles placed in Level A storage?
    Every 90 days
  • 10 . Who in the LRS is responsible for fuels distribution, storage, and cryogenic and propellant storage functions?
    Fuels Operations