2T351N Practice Test

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  • 1 . How many revolutions of the crankshaft are there in one complete cycle of a four-stroke engine?
  • 2 . The discrepancy on a vehicle being turned in for maintenance is verified by a CSC representative and the
  • 3 . What are the most common types of engine oil coolers?
    Radiator and engine-mounted
  • 4 . The correct fire extinguisher to use is determined by knowing a substance‚Äôs
    specific gravity
  • 5 . The primary difference between permanent magnet starters and conventional starters is that permanent magnet starters
    do not have field coils
  • 6 . When using the radiator pressure tester, you can tell if there is a compression leak within the cylinders because the gauge will
    fluctuate during acceleration
  • 7 . To ensure that WRM assets are maintained and ready for any authorized contingency, is whose responsibility?
    Vehicle Management
  • 8 . What type of pump has the inlet side sealed from the outlet side and delivers fluid anytime?
    Positive displacement
  • 9 . When performing a starter current draw test, which condition most likely causes a higher-than-normal current reading?
    Field circuit shorted
  • 10 . What machined surfaced parts are integrated in the cylinder head?
    Valve guides and valve seats