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  • 1 . During vehicle condition inspection, what form must be used by the technician?
    AF Form 4355
  • 2 . What is meant by an operating parameter?
    Acceptable minimum and maximum values
  • 3 . Serviceability standards are important when performing vehicle inspections
    to ensure personnel make similar interpretations of assembly condition
  • 4 . In most areas, what is the mixture ratio of antifreeze to water required to maintain freezing protection to approximately –35 degrees Fahrenheit?
  • 5 . What is the period called when the glow plugs continue to cycle after the engine is running?
  • 6 . What is the function of the clutch safety switch?
    Prevents the engine from starting until the clutch is depressed
  • 7 . Who in the LRS is responsible for fuels distribution, storage, and cryogenic and propellant storage functions?
    Fuels Operations
  • 8 . Making sure the Warranty Program is used is the responsibility of
  • 9 . What FED LOG search program is the most widely used for data retrieval?
  • 10 . Which of the following is not a common electrical system malfunction classification?
    Low resistance