2S051 Vol 3 EC 06 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is EC 06

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  • 1 . 28. (407) Which stock leveling term identifies quantities required to be on hand to permit continuous operation during minor interruptions of normal replenishment or unpredictable increases in demands?
    Safety level quantity (SLQ)
  • 2 . 35. (409) Which technology enables logisticians to identify, categorize, and locate assets?
    Radio frequency identification (RFID)
  • 3 . 63. (417) An expendable item is identified by which code used in the first position of an expendability, recoverability, reparability, cost (ERRC) designator?
  • 4 . 33. (408) Which stock level is derived from a mathematical technique used to determine the lowest total variable costs to order and hold inventory?
    Economic order quantity (EOQ)
  • 5 . 36. (409) What process has the overall goal to have the capability to provide users with timely and accurate information on the location, movement, status, and identity of units, personnel, equipment, materiel, and supplies?
    Total asset visibility (TAV).
  • 6 . 61. (416) Which section of the illustrated parts breakdown (IPB) provides a sequential listing of all part numbers appearing in the IPB
    Numerical index
  • 7 . 22. (405) Which transaction identification code (TRIC) is used to load a special-purpose recoverables authorized maintenance (SPRAM) detail?
  • 8 . 12. (403) Which transaction identification code (TRIC) is used to transfer equipment from one custodian account to another?
  • 9 . 38. (410) Which shipment exception (SEX) code is used for do not ship—assets frozen?
  • 10 . 55. (414) How many days will local purchase (LP) items appear on the listing after the vendor bill is received and processed for billed-not-received (BNR) transactions?