3F151A Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is (01-1711)(02-1712) EC 01

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  • 1 . (006) The Services marketing program office supports force support squadron (FSS) commanders or directors, flight chiefs, and activity managers by adopting what kind of marketing practices?
  • 2 . (009) When accounting for assets, which assets require internal controls?
    Cash or cash equivalents, fixed assets, resale merchandise, consumable supplies, and securities
  • 3 . (009) For losses up to and including $50, who conducts an informal review and files the documentation in the activity?
    Activity manager.
  • 4 . (007) What is not an additional source of nonappropriated funds (NAF)?
  • 5 . (006) Information pertaining to services, programs, and events can be posted on the Web or the Internet as allowed by the
    local base policy
  • 6 . (005) Which award’s scope does not lend itself to a particular function or activity?
    Individual Legacy.
  • 7 . (003) We are required to rotate through at least two of the five core areas in Services prior to theaward of the
    7 level
  • 8 . (009) Who is responsible to prevent and report losses?
    Military and civilian personnel.
  • 9 . (007) At what initial dollar amount are procurement funds reserved for?
  • 10 . (007) Operation and maintenance (O&M) funds are used to
    conduct day-to-day operations