3F151A Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is (01-1711)(02-1712) EC 01

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  • 1 . (004) Which is not an advantage of developing a master training listing (MTL)?
    The task requirements have to be memorized.
  • 2 . (004) When developing a master task listing (MTL), who determines which tasks in the specialtytraining standard (STS) apply to their specific mission?
  • 3 . (003) Individuals should remain in a core function during the rotation program for how manymonths?
    18 to 24
  • 4 . (007) Operation and maintenance (O&M) funds are used to
    conduct day-to-day operations
  • 5 . (009) Who provides accounting support to the force support squadron (FSS)?
    Nonappropriated fund (NAF) accounting office (AO) personnel
  • 6 . (006) Activity managers require marketing information that is
    accurate, reliable, and timely
  • 7 . (005) What force support recognition program recognizes excellence in Air Force (AF) food service?
    John L. Hennessy Trophy.
  • 8 . (003) Which is not a duty or responsibility of a Services specialist?
    Documenting FSS functions
  • 9 . (005) What Air Force (AF) form is used to nominate an individual, program, or installation for force support and A1 awards?
  • 10 . (005) Nomination packages for the John L. Hennessy Trophy consist of Air Force (AF) Form 1206, Nomination for Award, and AF Information Management Tool (IMT)
    1038, Food Service Evaluation Record.