3F151A Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is (01-1711)(02-1712) EC 01

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  • 1 . (007) At what initial dollar amount are procurement funds reserved for?
  • 2 . (006) Activity managers require marketing information that is
    accurate, reliable, and timely
  • 3 . (001) Which is not a mandatory 5-skill-level upgrade requirement?
    Accomplishment of all Home Station Training Requirements
  • 4 . (009) At base level, who is the single custodian for all nonappropriated fund (NAF) assets, unless another individual is appointed as directed by Air Force Instruction (AFI) 34–201, Use of Nonappropriated Funds (NAFS)?
    Resource manager (RM)
  • 5 . (005) What Air Force (AF) form is used to nominate an individual, program, or installation for force support and A1 awards?
  • 6 . (002) Qualification training is designed to qualify an Airman
    in a specific duty position
  • 7 . (006) One of the primary goals of the marketing program is to
    recognize the needs and expectations of customers
  • 8 . (002) The specialty training standards (STS) serves as a contract between what major command(MAJCOM) and the functional user to show which of the overall training requirements for an AirForce specialty code (AFSC) are taught in formal schools and correspondence courses?
    Air Education and Training Command (AETC)
  • 9 . (005) Nomination packages for the John L. Hennessy Trophy consist of Air Force (AF) Form 1206, Nomination for Award, and AF Information Management Tool (IMT)
    1038, Food Service Evaluation Record.
  • 10 . (003) Which form do we use to document all rotations in a core area?
    Air Force (AF) Information Management Tool (IMT) 623a, On-the-Job Training Record.