3P071 Practice Test

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  • 1 . In the operations order, what paragraph includes the type of support fire and the priority of that fire for the mission being conducted?
    Execution paragraph
  • 2 . 1. What group of individuals is considered our backbone?
    Amn to A1C
  • 3 . 2. All of the following are guiding principles of the integrated defense (ID) concept except
    capabilites for dominanting mass
  • 4 . 4. What are flight members ultimately responsible for?
    Maintaining their own equipment
  • 5 . 44. (214) The nuclear roadmap focuses primarily from the
    operational level
  • 6 . 91. (224) Range is given in what unit of measurement?
  • 7 . 11. In offense, obstacles assist in flank security, limiting enemy counterattack, cut off enemy reinforcement or routes of withdrawal, and
    isolating objectives.
  • 8 . 57. (216) Who is responsible for ensuring the need for individuals to enter an exlusion area?
    Sole vouching authority
  • 9 . What efforts conserve the Air Force's fighting potential by safeguarding its forces and mission capability through the achievement of predetermined forces?
    Force Protection
  • 10 . 55. (216) The risk acceptance authority for security deviations is the
    MAJCOM commander