3P071 Practice Test

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  • 1 . 16. (206) The term used for a terrorist group that generally operates independently of, but receives support from, one or more governments is
  • 2 . 71. (009) What effect, if any, would allowing objects to be touched, stains to be walked on, or footprints or tire marks to be destroyed at a crime scene?
    It could cause the investigator to reach false conclusions about the crime
  • 3 . 34. (003) What is one of the most valuable tools commanders have at their fingertips?
  • 4 . 88. (223) Consolidating reports is a task performed in which Tactical Operations Center (TOC) function?
    Analyzing information
  • 5 . What is a relatively secure area where personnel and vehicles are positively identified and searched?
    Search Area
  • 6 . Who must consult with the SVA prior to entering an exclusion area?
    Escort official
  • 7 . What is the primary responsibility of a BDOC controller?
    Knowing where all SF units are throughout the duration of the tour of duty
  • 8 . 84. (222) What would not be discussed in the service and support paragraph of the operations order?
    Any type of support fire
  • 9 . 97. (226) Operating openly or covertly as a listening/observation post describes which task of Close Precision Engagement (CPE)?
  • 10 . 57. (216) Who is responsible for ensuring the need for individuals to enter an exlusion area?
    Sole vouching authority