3P071 Practice Test

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  • 1 . 12. (001) How many types of right to bear firearms withdrawal measures are there?
  • 2 . 75. (010) Who assumes overall command and control at a major accident site?
    Disaster Control Group
  • 3 . 84. (011) Which of the following suspect background facts is of no value to you prior to questioning?
  • 4 . 22. Which term is defined as acting as individuals or in small groups and using a wide range of weapons, including small arms, hand grenades, rocket-propelled grenades, various small explosives, and incendiary devices?
  • 5 . 96. (226) Which close precision engagement (CPE) task provides the capability to standoff from a target, assess the situation, and pass timely information?
  • 6 . 74. (219) The technique that requires great patience is movement with
  • 7 . 4. The intelligence fusion cell and its products are the primary information sources that directly supports the
    Defense force commander
  • 8 . 8. What can effectively delay intruders in order to facilitate definitive threat classification and assessment and response by Security Forces?
    Physical barriers
  • 9 . 79. (221) Which movement technique is used when contact with the enemy is not likely and speed is needed?
  • 10 . 23. (002) After aligning the fourth element, how many paces beyond the first element do you advance to and execute a left facing movement?