3P071 Practice Test

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  • 1 . The loss or disablement of non-nuclear assets that would harm or damage AF effectiveness to project decisive combat power and wage war are identified as
    power projection assets
  • 2 . 87. (012) The AF Form 3226 is used for apprehension
    in a private dwelling
  • 3 . 70. (218) The area immediately around an alert aircraft must be
    no closer than 10 feet and no further than 60 feet
  • 4 . 66. (008) What determines the attitude and cooperation of those involved in a dispute?
    The responding patrol’s attitude
  • 5 . 16. What is the hands-on task performance training designed to qualify an Airman in a specific duty position?
    Qualification Training
  • 6 . 1. When using MWD in security operations, what must you consider prior to posting?
    You need to consider wind direction, location of priority resources, and likely avenues of approach when deciding best location for dog posts
  • 7 . 3. As the flight sergeant, what three things should you look for during your inspection of the flight?
    (1) Fitness for duty, (2) appearance complies with directives and (3) possession of all required equipment and ensure that all equipment is in good working condition
  • 8 . 20. What term describes the stated desire or history of terrorist attacks against US interests?
  • 9 . 11. (204) In offense, obstacles assist in flank security, limiting enemy counterattack, cut off enemy reinforcement or routes of withdrawal, and
    isolating objectives
  • 10 . 18. When are terrorist team members brought together for final rehearsal?
    Just before departing for the target