2F071 Volume 1 EC05 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is EC05

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  • 1 . 21. (009) How often should hot refueling personnel undergo certification for hot refueling operations?
  • 2 . 61. (023) What component of a unit type code (UTC) defines the basic mission the UTC is capable of accomplishing?
    Mission capabilities (MISCAP) statement
  • 3 . 44. (018) Which condition does not require replacement of filter elements on the R–19 filter separator unit?
    A reading of 16 psid on the differential pressure (DP) gauge
  • 4 . 41. (018) At a minimum, how often should the R–18 pumping unit oil filter be changed?
    Every 500 hours of operation or semiannually, whichever comes first
  • 5 . 43. (018) How often should the sump tank on the R–19 filter separator unit be drained?
  • 6 . 49. (019) When performing transfer operations with an R–18 pumping unit, what reading should the oil pressure gauge indicate if the unit is operating properly?
    50 ± 10 psi
  • 7 . Who is responsible for developing an operating instruction (OI) to specify tool accountability procedures?
    Vehicle fleet manager or vehicle maintenance superintendent
  • 8 . 27. (011) Who is responsible for on-site supervision during all aspects of a concurrent servicing operations supporting combat sortie generation (CSO/CSG)?
    Concurrent servicing supervisor
  • 9 . 50. (019) When performing fuel servicing operations with an R–18 pumping unit, the throttle control should manually be set to what revolution per minute (rpm) setting?
  • 10 . 48. (019) When performing off load operations with the Fuels Operational Readiness Capability Equipment (FORCE) system, the deadman switch on the communications panel of the R–18 pumping unit should be placed in what position?