2F071 Volume 1 EC05 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is EC05

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  • 1 . 29. (012) Who is responsible for controlling and monitoring all concurrent servicing of cargo/passenger aircraft operations to include cargo/baggage loading/unloading, maintenance, fuel or oxygen servicing, and fleet servicing?
    Chief servicing supervisor
  • 2 . 32. (014) During multiple source refueling, what action, if any, should be taken if backflow is detected?
    Stop the operation immediately
  • 3 . Type III, IV and V hydrant systems will be flushed at least
  • 4 . 48. (019) When performing off load operations with the Fuels Operational Readiness Capability Equipment (FORCE) system, the deadman switch on the communications panel of the R–18 pumping unit should be placed in what position?
  • 5 . 58. (022) When selecting a site for bladder operations, the site should have less than what degree of slope?
  • 6 . The Vehicle Maintenance Flight Materiel Control section point of contact (POC) coordinates with applicable supervisors or their designees to update and perform inventories on composite tool kits (CTK) on all these occurrences except
  • 7 . 37. (016) Which of the following operations requires a fuels expediter be used?
    Aircraft fueling
  • 8 . 39. (017) What type of hose should be used on the discharge side of the R–18 for transfer operations?
    6-inch hard hose
  • 9 . 42. (018) What is the proper tire pressure setting for the R–18 pumping unit?
    75 psi
  • 10 . 46. (018) The micronic filter elements on the R–20multi-aircraft servicing unit should be replaced when the differential pressure (DP) reading exceeds
    15 psid