2F071 Volume 1 EC05 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is EC05

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  • 1 . Who is responsible for developing an operating instruction (OI) to specify tool accountability procedures?
    Vehicle fleet manager or vehicle maintenance superintendent
  • 2 . 53. (020) When reconstituting Fuels Operational Readiness Capability Equipment (FORCE) equipment, all rolling stock (e.g., R–18s, R–19s, and R–20s) should be drained in accordance with
    local transportation guidelines
  • 3 . 54. (021) What is the simplest and most expedient method of fuel resupply when operating from a host nation airfield?
    The same source of supply used by the host airfield
  • 4 . 26. (011) Concurrent servicing operations supporting sortie generation operations (CSO/SGO) are not authorized on what aircraft?
  • 5 . 34. (015) When configuring an Automated Point of Sale Device (APOSD) user interface terminal (UIT), what tab allows you to enter information about the fuels management flight to which the equipment is assigned?
  • 6 . 56. (021) What is the maximum number of gallons an Aerial Bulk Fuel Delivery System (ABFDS) carries per sortie?
  • 7 . 29. (012) Who is responsible for controlling and monitoring all concurrent servicing of cargo/passenger aircraft operations to include cargo/baggage loading/unloading, maintenance, fuel or oxygen servicing, and fleet servicing?
    Chief servicing supervisor
  • 8 . 43. (018) How often should the sump tank on the R–19 filter separator unit be drained?
  • 9 . 22. (009) Who may approve deviations from hot refueling policies when combat or emergency situations require the use of hot refueling?
    Major command (MAJCOM) commander
  • 10 . 44. (018) Which condition does not require replacement of filter elements on the R–19 filter separator unit?
    A reading of 16 psid on the differential pressure (DP) gauge