3M051A Practice Test

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  • 1 . (010) According to Air Force Instruction (AFI) 34–202, who approves funds storage limits?
    Installation commander
  • 2 . (214) What is one way vendors most often use to demonstrate their new products?
    Conducting local food shows
  • 3 . (211) If medically condemned food is not excessive, how do you document removing it from your stock?
    Waste log
  • 4 . (210) Who is the responsible person that initials the delivery ticket to acknowledge the changes if subsistence has been added or deleted?
    Storeroom personnel
  • 5 . (212) Once the cash reconciliation report is printed, to what is it attached?
    DD Form 1131, Cash Collection Voucher
  • 6 . (003) Individuals should remain in a core function during the rotation program for how many months?
    18 to 24
  • 7 . (001) How is the decision to train specific task and knowledge items in an initial skills course made?
    A review of the OSR data and subject matter experts’ inputs
  • 8 . (215) Which category in the Food Service Evaluation Record is allotted the most points?
    Kitchen operations
  • 9 . (211) In automated facilities, where in the corporate food service (CFS) system is the transfer conducted?
    Inventory Control
  • 10 . (005) What Air Force form is used to nominate an individual, program, or installation for Force Support and A1 Awards?