3M051A Practice Test

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  • 1 . (006) Which is not a general guideline for advertising using media other than direct mail?
    Distribute advertising through formal base channels
  • 2 . (003) Individuals should remain in a core function during the rotation program for how many months?
    18 to 24
  • 3 . (010) What should be done to avoid disturbing any fingerprints left by a robber?
    Secure the scene
  • 4 . (003) We are required to rotate through at least two of the six core areas in Services prior to the award of the
    7 level
  • 5 . (214) Which types of food cannot be ordered through the Subsistence Total Ordering and Receipt Electronic System (STORES)?
    Unitized group rations (UGR)
  • 6 . (210) We use clean, galvanized containers in the dining facility to
    store dry foods
  • 7 . (206) When is a high-protein, low residue meal not available to aircrews?
    For post-flight meals if the flight is resumed within 48 hours
  • 8 . (205) When planning special events, what should you look for?
    Whether this event is in conflict with another event
  • 9 . (214) What is a quick reference to what items on the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Troop Support catalog can be ordered?
    Air Force core items
  • 10 . (007) At what initial dollar amount are procurement funds reserved for?