3M051A Practice Test

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  • 1 . (012) Facility Category A funding for facility improvements are for mission-sustaining facilities such as fitness centers, community activity centers,
    libraries and intramural sports fields
  • 2 . (211) For end of fiscal year inventory, who signs the Edit List Count Sheet, certifying the inventory is correct?
    Food service manager and individual who conducted the inventory
  • 3 . (211) In automated facilities, where in the corporate food service (CFS) system is the transfer conducted?
    Inventory Control
  • 4 . (213) What is the equivalent of one gallon?
    4 quarts
  • 5 . (009) At base level, who is the single custodian for all nonappropriated fund (NAF) assets, unless another individual is appointed as directed by Air Force Instruction (AFI) 34–201?
    Resource manager (RM)
  • 6 . (214) Who do you contact to verify that you can use new, innovative products not in the Air Force Core Catalog?
  • 7 . (006) Marketing is restricted from purchasing advertising space for
    alcoholic beverages
  • 8 . (214) Which is not a principal for importing and reconciling catalogs items?
    Verify that all subsistence prices have not changed
  • 9 . (214) The Subsistence Total Ordering and Receipt Electronic System (STORES) was designed to
    automate all installation-level subsistence ordering and receipting
  • 10 . (206) During a long flight, for which meal can you serve a sandwich meal?
    The first meal