3M051A Practice Test

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  • 1 . (006) Advertising can be posted on the Web or the Internet as allowed by the
    local base policy
  • 2 . (212) What items are found in the cash reconciliation report?
    Count, description, reporting period total, and unit name
  • 3 . (003) Individuals should remain in a core function during the rotation program for how many months?
    18 to 24
  • 4 . (205) According to the preface to the World Wide Menu (WWM), what is mandatory for omelets and scrambled eggs?
    Use liquid-style reduced cholesterol eggs
  • 5 . (001) What is the minimum rank Airmen must attain before becoming a superintendent?
  • 6 . (210) Who is the responsible person that initials the delivery ticket to acknowledge the changes if subsistence has been added or deleted?
    Storeroom personnel
  • 7 . (008) Who prepares the NAF Requirements Budget (NRB)?
    Activity manager
  • 8 . (208) Into what three groups are food borne illnesses divided?
    Natural or chemical poisons, food borne intoxication, and food borne infection
  • 9 . (204) Who does not utilize the production log?
    Prime vendor (PV) representative
  • 10 . (202) If it is not feasible to obtain signatures in the base dining facilities during emergencies, who certifies the number of meals furnished?
    Mission Support Group Commander