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  • 1 . (013) This prohibits the 60K cargo loader emergency pump from operating when the engine is running.
    Start interlock circuit card
  • 2 . (003) The most common cause of repairs on the Hyster 10K forklift main hydraulic pump is worn or damaged
  • 3 . (005) The tandem front axles on the Southwest Mobile Systems 25K cargo loader are
  • 4 . (010) These 60K cargo loader major components provide support and vertical operation of the deck.
    Lift linkages
  • 5 . (008) The rear axle on the Halvorsen 25K cargo loader attaches to the chassis with pivot
  • 6 . (004) How is the metering pump control valve section connected to the steering wheel on the Caterpillar adverse terrain forklift?
    Mechanical linkage
  • 7 . (014) This is the first step in the 60K cargo loader encoder adjustment procedure.
    Set parking brake
  • 8 . (007) Referring to this part of the technical order is the best way to begin troubleshooting.
    Troubleshooting chart
  • 9 . (006) On the Southwest Mobile Systems 25K cargo loader, the auxiliary air connection is a fitting that branches off of the
    secondary air reservoirs
  • 10 . (012) Which allows for connection of external air pressure on the 60K cargo loader?
    Glad hands