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  • 1 . (005) How many rows of recessed rollers are located on the top of the Southwest Mobile Systems 25K cargo loader deck?
  • 2 . (001) Complete this action before returning a forklift to the field.
    Make sure it is functioning properly
  • 3 . (002) The main hydraulic control valve of the Hyster 10K forklift includes
    four spool valves, four load-check valves, and a two-stage relief valve
  • 4 . (007) On the Southwest Mobile Systems 25K cargo loader, to ensure the cargo loader deck (sideshift) is centered, measure the distance from the
    outer edge of the lift link to the end of the roll shaft on both sides
  • 5 . (002) The Hyster 10K forklift uses this type of electrical ground system.
    12 volt, negative
  • 6 . (001) Before removing major assemblies on forklifts, always
    consult and use recommended procedures in the technical order
  • 7 . (002) This is the function of the diode trio used in the Prestolite 8E series alternator.
    Supplies current to the field circuit
  • 8 . (012) The 60K cargo loader pneumatic system provides air for the
  • 9 . (013) This preheats the 60K cargo loader batteries for cold weather starting.
    Pan liner
  • 10 . (005) How many maintenance support stands beams support a Southwest Mobile Systems 25K cargo loader deck?