Z4B051 VOL4B EC3 Practice Test

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  • 1 . (632) On which of the following forms/listings is the Annual Report of Individual Occupational Exposure to Ionizing Radiation listed? Exposure to Ionizing Radiation listed?
    AF Form 1527–1
  • 2 . (647) What plotting program is widely used for initial emergency assessment or safety-analysis planning?
  • 3 . (630) What is the first step you must do to disenroll an individual from the dosimetry program?
    Determine if the individual wore their dosimeter during the monitoring period.
  • 4 . (629) How often do electronic personal dosimeters used for first responder or readiness purposes require calibration?
    Every twelve months
  • 5 . (623) What is the process by which an alpha particle gains kinetic energy?
  • 6 . (622) What can be used to classify a neutron?
  • 7 . (646) The primary treatment for internal contamination is to increase the rate of elimination of the radioactive isotope. How can this be done?
    Mechanical means
  • 8 . (626) Which component of an x-ray tube is negatively charged?
  • 9 . (638) Which scenario would be a proper time to use the stay time calculation?
    Determine amount of time an Airman can work in a BROKEN ARROW site
  • 10 . (646) Which of the following would be categorized as a Bent Spear?
    A non-nuclear detonation or burning of a nuclear weapon or radiological nuclear weapon component.