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  • 1 . 23. (608) What is the maximum allowable working pressure for low-pressure heating boilers with a maximum temperature limitation of 250°F?
    160 psi.
  • 2 . 86. (048) Combustion is normally controlled
    either by manual or automatic control devices.
  • 3 . 80. (442) Which test is essentially the same as the performance verification test?
    Opposite season test.
  • 4 . What is the relationship among matter, energy, and heat?
    Matter is made of atoms, which consist of electrons kept in motion by heat, which is a form of energy.
  • 5 . 72. (037) On a call for heat, what relay closes to start the heating system in a primary control?
    Load relay.
  • 6 . 36. (018) The most commonly used gas pressure measuring devices are the
    bourdon and manometer devices.
  • 7 . 91. (447) What would the output pressure of the temperature controller be if the sensor were sensing 70° Fahrenheit?
    13 psi.
  • 8 . 46. (614) Which duct system terminal unit has a manually operated damper that is adjusted when the system is initially balanced and then left in that position to maintain constant airflow?
  • 9 . 76. (441) In critical buildings or locations, sensors for differential-pressure flow meters should be calibrated every
    three months.
  • 10 . 50. (615) The use of a return-air fan in a central station unit is optional but generally is essential for proper operation of
    larger systems.