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  • 1 . A fan drive is an assembly made up of
    a motor sheave, fan sheave, and connecting belts.
  • 2 . 54. (222) A smoke detection system sensor is
    a cadmium sulfide photocell.
  • 3 . 97. (243) What do you use to remove soot, dirt, and scale from flues and fireboxes of boilers?
    Wire brushes.
  • 4 . 85. (445) If desired to maintain a constant temperature in the air leaving a coil, what type of coil control is used?
    Discharge control.
  • 5 . 36. (217) What keeps a safety valve closed against the force developed by the steam pressure acting under the valve disc?
    A compressed spring.
  • 6 . 12. (007) In low pressure systems, gas is usually distributed at pressures from
    3 to 8 ounces psi.
  • 7 . 23. (212) The internal feedpipe is installed in the water space near, but not touching, the
    bottom of the drum.
  • 8 . 36. (612) Which steam trap reacts to a difference in the temperature between the steam and condensate?
  • 9 . What is the most serious defect to look for when you inspect a heat exchanger?
  • 10 . 57. (431) Which electronic controllers may combine temperature and humidity measurements to measure heat content?
    Enthalpy controllers.