2S071 Vol 2 EC 08 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is EC 08

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  • 1 . 84. (221) What Air Force (AF) form is used to request a change to an allowance standards (AS) or an equipment item whose basis of issue (BOI) requires approval above wing or base level?
  • 2 . 27. (207) What are additional warehouses called if they are located within the activities they are supporting?
    Supply points
  • 3 . 46. (211) When the accountability remains at the home station, what asset status flag is used to reflect that mobility readiness spares package (MRSP) assets are deployed?
  • 4 . 50. (211) What program involves shelf life controls and other inspection functions for readiness spares package (RSP) assets?
  • 5 . What mission capable (MICAP) cause code indicates the depth of stock was insufficient to meet MICAP/due-out requirements?
  • 6 . 36. (210) What Basic Expeditionary Airfield Resources (BEAR) component subsystem is a stand- alone set that provides a robust camp consisting of billeting, feeding, and hygiene to support 550 personnel?
  • 7 . 83. (221) What type of equipment requests are processed without having an in-use detail established?
  • 8 . 58. (214) What documents provide units with their expected readiness capabilities in support of a contingency or wartime operation?
    Operation plan (OPLAN) and designed operational capability (DOC) statement
  • 9 . 15. (204) What listing is used to perform the due-in from maintenance reconciliation?
  • 10 . 61. (214) What five-character alphanumeric code uniquely identifies an armed forces unit?