2S071 Vol 2 EC 08 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is EC 08

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  • 1 . 17. (204) Failure to process turnaround (TRN) data in a correct and timely manner results in reduced base stock levels and incomplete buy, repair, and distribution decisions from
    Headquarters Air Force Materiel Command (HQ AFMC)
  • 2 . What mission capable (MICAP) delete code indicates an item was received from an Air Logistics Complex (ALC)?
  • 3 . 88. (222) Which serialized report code (SRC) identifies a weapon on the item record?
  • 4 . What mission capable (MICAP) cause code indicates past recurring demand or reparable generation experience, but Air Force (AF) stockage policy precluded establishment of a demand-based stock level?
  • 5 . 55. (213) Within the Enterprise Solution-Supply (ES-S) System, how many maintain mobility data capabilities allow the user to view mobility asset data and audit trail information?
  • 6 . 13. (203) What due-out status code on the transaction identification code (TRIC) 1SH describes a cancellation?
  • 7 . 41. (211) How often are mobility readiness spares package (MRSP) authorizations published?
  • 8 . 77. (220) What authorization identifies items and maximum quantities required to perform assigned peacetime and wartime missions, functions and duties of Air Force (AF) organizations and individual specialists?
    Allowance Standard (AS).
  • 9 . 93.(222) What does Air Force Equipment Management System (AFEMS) (ACOM screen) send to abase that fails to process the communication security (COMSEC) reconciliation as required?
    XHB, COMSEC control reject report with COMSEC error notification code “7B.”
  • 10 . 66. (216) What input changes an Adjusted Stock Level (ASL) detail record from memo (unconfirmed) to firm (confirmed)?