3S2X1 Practice Test

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  • 1 . Job site training (JST) distance learning (DL) training requests submitted after the annual data call are considered
  • 2 . How does an evaluator avoid "Error of Central Tendency"?
    the evaluator has to understand the importance of the trainee's ability to successfully complete the task
  • 3 . Which individual would qualify for an educational deferment?
    A person completing a second baccalaureate degree that directly applies to the Air Force specialty code (AFSC)
  • 4 . When you do research for a subject matter expert (SME) interview, the easiest tasks to identify are the
    normal day-to-day requirements
  • 5 . The purpose of the Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) is to
    develop, conduct, and administer professional and technological educational requirements for the Air Force
  • 6 . What are the two types of test items?
    Selection or supply
  • 7 . When you schedule training, what are the three steps you must follow?
    Prepare a tentative training schedule, coordinate, and assign trainees to the trainingsession
  • 8 . What training provides individuals with mission-essential training needed to meet the requirements of an assignment to a long- or short-tour location?
  • 9 . The purpose of reviewing unit statistics during pre-visit preparations for conducting a staff assistance visit (SAV) is to
    get an overall view of the unit training program
  • 10 . In reference to problem solving as a distinct method of counseling, which is not a phase of the three-phase process or cycle of helping?