3S2X1 Practice Test

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  • 1 . What training status code (TSC) is used when a training capability problem prevents a trainee from progressing in training?
  • 2 . If you have everything necessary for your training program, but you do not have the necessities in sufficient quantity, you have a
    lack of training capacity
  • 3 . When asking questions during a subject matter expert interview (SME), speak
    distinctly and clearly
  • 4 . The references or materials used by the trainee during the performance test are those
    used by the trainee while learning the objective
  • 5 . Which program is at the top-level in the three-tier professional military education (PME) program for officers?
    Air War College
  • 6 . Due to the error of standard, which is a common rating error that detracts from a test, the evaluator may rate the trainee either high or low based on his or her own
    ability to do the task
  • 7 . The publication that contains information about organizations and their mission is the
    Air Force mission directive (AFMD)
  • 8 . The total career Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) education for an individual may not exceed
    54 months
  • 9 . The two types of training validation that you can use are
    subject matter expert (SME) and trainee
  • 10 . Unit training managers (UTM) manage the maintenance training program in accordance with what Air Force instructions (AFI)?
    AFI 36–2201 and AFI 36–2232