3S2X1 Practice Test

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  • 1 . How often is a training detachment (TD) required to perform an instructional system review (ISR) for each course taught?
  • 2 . Which source usually provides the best information for identifying work center tasks?
    Several sources
  • 3 . Which is not a goal of the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF)?
    Excellence - Conduct the mission of the college by educating and training personnel to high standards
  • 4 . Who does the maintenance training manager coordinate with if there is a lack of training capability in the unit?
    Maintenance training flight (MTF)
  • 5 . Which course is not written specifically for the professional military development of noncommissioned officers?
    Career Development Course (CDC)
  • 6 . Who is the target audience for the Air Force Training Course (AFTC)?
    Supervisors, trainers, and task certifiers only
  • 7 . When determining training capability, at what level is the first attempt to resolve a lack of training capability made?
    Work center
  • 8 . The purpose of the Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) is to
    develop, conduct, and administer professional and technological educational requirements for the Air Force
  • 9 . Which type of training validation is being conducted when the people who need the training are used in the validation process?
  • 10 . What action does the Education Service Center (ESC) take upon verifying a future out-processing student has missing grades or outstanding reimbursement action?
    Update the out-processing checklist to “Visit Reqd” in virtual out processing