3S2X1 Practice Test

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  • 1 . How does an evaluator avoid "Error of Logic"?
    For each evaluator to take the time to do a complete evaluation
  • 2 . One of the more versatile teaching aids available is the
  • 3 . In reference to managing job site training (JST), which point of contact (POC) performs the technical tasks necessary to implement distance learning (DL) at his or her base?
    Technical site coordinator (TSC)
  • 4 . When evaluating a waiver request package, which is not a factor to consider when determining whether the waiver request deserves approval?
  • 5 . Who can authorize automation of a specialty training standard (STS)?
    Air Force career field manager (AFCFM)
  • 6 . Who is responsible for using procured funds for training personnel to meet mission needs effectively?
    Unit training manager (UTM)
  • 7 . Due to the error of standard, which is a common rating error that detracts from a test, the evaluator may rate the trainee either high or low based on his or her own
    ability to do the task
  • 8 . Unit training managers (UTM) manage the maintenance training program in accordance with what Air Force instructions (AFI)?
    AFI 36–2201 and AFI 36–2232
  • 9 . Which training aid provides the trainee with a realistic job-type setting since it enhances transfer of learning?
  • 10 . When conducting an initial evaluation on a reassigned individual, you determine if the individual is still qualified on work center tasks by
    matching the individual’s qualifications to the work center requirements