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  • 1 . What cranial nerve controls the lateral rectus eye muscle?
  • 2 . Which of the following is a nasal air passageway?
    Middle meatus
  • 3 . The layer of the alimentary canal that is responsible for movement of substances through the canal is the
  • 4 . The small spaces between neurons are called the
  • 5 . Who approves or disapproves an Authorization Change Request?
    Major command (MAJCOM)
  • 6 . The part of the brain stem that connects to the spinal cord is the
    medulla oblongata
  • 7 . Who or whom do you contact, if there is a training requirement for which you have no trainer or certifier?
    Base Training Office
  • 8 . Who starts the Tri-Service workflow form documentation?
    The patient signs in and data is entered in an encounter worksheet or SF600 overprint
  • 9 . If you are trying to determine the deployment status of a unit, what system should you use that will support Force Health Protection, Population Health, and Military Health System (MHS) optimization?
    Armed Forces Health Longitudinal Technology Application
  • 10 . What is the largest lymphatic organ?