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  • 1 . You have just completed screening a patient with an appointment for blurred vision in the right eye. How should you document this information correctly?
    Patient complains of blurred vision-right eye
  • 2 . Moving the forearm toward the head by bending the elbow is an example of
  • 3 . What type of muscle is skeletal muscle?
    Voluntary; striated
  • 4 . What part of the lower respiratory system does air travel to and from the lungs through a cylindrical tube composed of cartilage?
  • 5 . Which organ absorbs beneficial water for use by the body?
  • 6 . What part of the peripheral nervous system is responsible for involuntary body functions?
  • 7 . What actions should the property custodian take if a backorder item is no longer needed?
    Attempt to cancel the order through MEMO
  • 8 . What is the difference in the number of primary teeth and the number of permanent teeth a person will develop?
  • 9 . Pigmentation is attributed to
  • 10 . Which hormone accounts for the majority of the thyroid hormones?