2A353 (Legacy) Practice Test

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  • 1 . The MB-4 tractor incorporates
    four-wheel steering, four-wheel drive
  • 2 . On the F-15 aircraft, what can the maintainer or aircrew use to check the oxygen indication system?
    Oxygen test switch
  • 3 . What should you use periodically to clean the borescope lens?
    Isopropyl alcohol
  • 4 . The IMDS is the production-oriented, automated maintenance management system at the
    base level
  • 5 . The optimum temperature to cool sealants mixed in an automatic mixing machine is
  • 6 . At what pressure does the F-16 fuel-flow proportioner operate?
    19 pounds per square inch (psi) minimum
  • 7 . Hydraulic fluid for operation of the F-16's speed brakes is supplied by hydraulic
    system A only
  • 8 . On the F-15 aircraft, what happens when PC circuit B is mechanically shut off?
    Circuit B isolates and circuit A opens
  • 9 . The F-16 landing gear selector valve is a
    two-position valve with a pneumatically operated bypass
  • 10 . When taking a JOAP sample, how much oil should be drained into a container prior to filling the sample bottle?
    Enough to wash out any sediment trapped in the drain valve