2A353 (Legacy) Practice Test

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  • 1 . On the F-15 aircraft, what type of shock wave begins to form at transonic airspeeds?
  • 2 . On the F-15 aircraft, what does the air induction system use to get rid of the friction air riding on the surface of the ramps?
    Bleed air holes
  • 3 . The number of liquid oxygen converters on the U-2 is
  • 4 . On the F-15 aircraft, the engine start system permanent magnet generator sends its AC voltage to the
    generator control unit
  • 5 . What supplies power to the engine ignition system during an ignition test?
    Alternator simulator output
  • 6 . On the F-15 aircraft, what allows the uplatch actuator to receive power to lower the arresting hook?
    Up-limit switches
  • 7 . The F-16's emergency generator supplies power to the
    essential buses
  • 8 . On the F-15 aircraft, what is the output rotation of the constant speed drive unit of the integrated drive generator?
    12,000 RPM
  • 9 . When is it permissible to reuse cotter pins?
  • 10 . The temperature range the C-10 air conditioner is capable of delivering conditioned air at is
    47°F to 200°F