2A353 (Legacy) Practice Test

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  • 1 . On the F-15 aircraft, the directional feel trim actuator connects to the
    torque tube assembly forward of the rudder pedals
  • 2 . What prevents fluid loss when the filter bowl and element are removed from the F-16's hydraulic system A pressure manifold?
    Internal shutoff valve
  • 3 . Special bolts are identified by
    the bolt head marked with the letter S
  • 4 . The F-100 engine exhaust nozzle position transmitter is driven by
    the convergent exhaust nozzle control
  • 5 . The U-2 exhaust system consists of the tail pipe and
    fan flow adapter diverter
  • 6 . The internal fuel storage system on the F-16 consists of
    seven fuel tanks
  • 7 . Radiation hazards are affected by
    strength of emission, time of exposure, and weather
  • 8 . To disable ignition power box 1 when performing a test of ignition power box 2 in the RQ-1's ignition test circuit, ignition test relay
    1 must be energized
  • 9 . The external power monitor on the A-10 measures the frequency, voltage, and phase sequence of external AC power applied to the aircraft and
    determines whether the power is compatible with the aircraft electrical system
  • 10 . The type of TO improvement issued for all TCTO deficiencies is