2A353 (Legacy) Practice Test

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  • 1 . The acceptable leakage for the flap dynamic seals on the U-2 is
    a few drops overnight
  • 2 . While the F-16 is in landing configuration, each speed-brake surface only opens to
  • 3 . What provides the refuel receptacle with an emergency disconnect feature during F-16 aerial refueling?
    Pressure relief valve
  • 4 . The number of threads that must be showing through a self-locking nut for maximum locking effect is at least
  • 5 . The oxygen regulator supply lever on the A-10 is
  • 6 . The maintenance stand that is a scissor-type is the
  • 7 . On the F-15 aircraft, what are the two types of borescopes?
    Rigid and flexible
  • 8 . The light that illuminates on the U-2 aircraft when the fuel sump reads 38 (±3) gallons remaining is the
  • 9 . If total hydraulic failure occurs on the U-2, the number of full brake applications the emergency brake accumulator supplies hydraulic pressure for is
  • 10 . The number of hydraulic power supply systems on the A-10 is