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  • 1 . If 50 grams of sodium chloride is dissolved in enough water to make 500 grams of solution, what is the percent by mass?
    10 percent
  • 2 . Sustaining the performance, health and fitness of every Airman is best described as a part of the Air Force Medical Service‚Äôs
  • 3 . The purpose of the plasma membrane within a cell is to
    separate and protect a cell from its surrounding environment
  • 4 . Elements form compounds in an attempt to
    become more stable
  • 5 . Where are the noble gases located within the periodic table?
    Far right column
  • 6 . All aerospace medicine squadron members working together to accomplish the mission best describes
    the Team Aerospace concept
  • 7 . A cation has a positive charge because the
    atom has more protons than electrons
  • 8 . Which physical states of matter cannot be compressed?
    Liquid only
  • 9 . Which forum meets once per month to review, discuss, and approve issues such as industrial hygiene recommendations?
    Occupational and Environmental Health Working Group
  • 10 . Unsatured aliphatic hydrocarbons as opposed to saturated compounds are
    more chemically reactive