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  • 1 . What term describes the purpose of the Air Force Medical Service unit’s purpose?
  • 2 . If your responsibilities at a deployed location include performing confirmatory sampling of suspected contamination and analyzing associated risks jointly with civil engineering then you are a member of the
    Medical Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (MNBC) team
  • 3 . The purpose of the plasma membrane within a cell is to
    separate and protect a cell from its surrounding environment
  • 4 . If you are deployed for the purpose of identifying the radiological environment and recommend protective actions to insure the health and safety of AF and DOD personnel and the surrounding community following radiological incidents then you are a member of which unit type code (UTC)?
    Air Force Radiation Assessment Team
  • 5 . Which of the physical states of matter lacks both volume and shape?
    Gas only.
  • 6 . Elements form compounds in an attempt to
    become more stable
  • 7 . Which agencies would bioenvironmental engineering interface with to correct a drinking water standard violation?
    Civil Engineering and the Environmental Protection Agency
  • 8 . If you are deployed following a radiological incident and asked to identify the radiological environment along with providing recommendations for protective actions then you are a member of the
    Air Force Radiation Assessment Team
  • 9 . Which Air Force Medical Service effects include identifying, assessing and controlling health hazards?
    Prevent casualties
  • 10 . A cation has a positive charge because the
    atom has more protons than electrons