2F051 Vol 1 EC06 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is 06

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  • 1 . 46. (008) Unlike most other fueling operations, cryogenic production does not stop when electrical storms are within
    5 nautical miles
  • 2 . 36. (008) What does a flashing red and green light signal from the air traffic control tower mean to a moving vehicle on the flight line?
    General warning, use extreme caution
  • 3 . 30. (007) Which is not a hazard of liquid nitrogen?
    Burns or explodes upon contact with oil, grease, and jet fuel
  • 4 . Which technical order is issued to prevent use of equipment or procedures due tohazardous safety conditions that could cause a serious injury or death?
    Time compliance
  • 5 . 19. (005) Publications that set up the standard of management and control the official business of the Air Force are called
  • 6 . 14. (004) Within how many hours is the responsible technical content manager required to take action on a technical order (TO) emergency improvement recommendation report?
  • 7 . The Fuels Operational Readiness Capability Equipment (FORCE) System is not capable of
    aircraft defueling
  • 8 . 13. (004) Which improvement recommendation should be submitted for a technical order (TO) deficiency that would result in a fatal or serious injury to personnel, or destruction of equipment?
  • 9 . Unit type codes have how many alphanumeric characters designating a manpower, equipment, or both manpower and equipment force that is tasked with completing a specific mission?
  • 10 . 52. (008) What is the maximum amount of gallons of fuel permitted in a fuel laboratory?