2F051 Vol 1 EC06 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is 06

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  • 1 . 51. (008) What is the minimum number of minutes that must pass to eliminate static charges before disassembling an in-line sampler?
  • 2 . 10. (004) Which specialized publications are primarily used to organize and simplify instructions?
    Abbreviated technical orders
  • 3 . 52. (008) What is the maximum amount of gallons of fuel permitted in a fuel laboratory?
  • 4 . 34. (008) What is the maximum allowable speed in miles per hour (mph) when driving a special- purpose vehicle on the flight line?
    10 mph
  • 5 . Who forms a team to maintain command and control of the flight and is referred to as the Fuels Management Team?
    Flight commander and fuels manager
  • 6 . What system was developed to complement and eventually replace the Fuels Support Equipment components?
    Fuels Operational Readiness Capability Equipment.
  • 7 . 20. (006) What characteristic refers to how easy a liquid changes into a vapor state?
  • 8 . A three-digit code that identifies personnel with special training or experience to meet contingency and base-level requirements is called a
    Special experience identifier
  • 9 . 43. (008) Normally, what minimum safe distance (in feet) should be maintained from the front and sides of jet engine intakes?
  • 10 . Unit type codes have how many alphanumeric characters designating a manpower, equipment, or both manpower and equipment force that is tasked with completing a specific mission?