3M071B Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is 3M071B (01-1310) (02-1402)

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  • 1 . (218) Who determines the distinguished visitor (DV) distinction for a civic leader visiting your installation?
  • 2 . (222) When carried in a marching procession with another flag(s), the location of the US Flag is
    to the flag’s right
  • 3 . (220) When determining seating arrangements, who sits to the right of the hostess (or host at an all-male event) to show precedence according to our customs and courtesies?
    The guest of honor
  • 4 . (221) Which type of correspondence is used to follow up a telephone invitation to a military event?
    Written “to remind” invitation
  • 5 . (223) Who should be notified in advance and in writing, each and every time a distinguished visitor (DV) arrives?
    Office of Special Investigations (OSI) personnel
  • 6 . (014) A project preparation package (PPP) is submitted to which office?
    Air Force Personnel Center/Services Directorate Operations Division Resource Section (AFPC/SVOLR)
  • 7 . (005) Front desk staff should report to duty at least how many minutes prior to the scheduled shift change?
  • 8 . (225) Who will make sure the unit providing the funding will make the proper facility reservation when planning for military ceremonies?
    Project officer
  • 9 . (225) When are receiving lines within an event frequently used in the Air Force?
    Greet a new commander and spouse
  • 10 . (007) After how many consecutive days of the “Do Not Disturb” sign being displayed on a lodging room door may management enter to ensure safety and security?