3M071B Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is 3M071B (01-1310) (02-1402)

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  • 1 . (207) Within the force support squadron (FSS), who ensures qualified individuals fill each deployable unit type code (UTC) positioned assigned to the unit?
    Unit deployment manager (UDM)
  • 2 . (219) Where is the second place of honor according to our customs and courtesies?
    In front
  • 3 . (006) After how many days does lodging consult or turn in unclaimed high value items to Security Forces?
  • 4 . (227) A method to identify weak points of a distinguished visitor (DV) visit is to perform a
  • 5 . (220) Which privilege is used when determining invitation lists, seating for conferences and ceremonies, order of introduction, or military air (MILAIR) and housing priority?
  • 6 . (216) Which person provides a complete quality control program to assure contract requirements are met?
  • 7 . (003) What Epitome Property Management System (PMS) feature is best for looking at “out-oforder” rooms?
    Blocking Worksheet
  • 8 . (201) Which wartime priority supports the strategic offense and defensive missions?
  • 9 . (016) What is the minimum passing score required to pass a lodging accreditation?
    85 percent
  • 10 . (226) Which of the following must not be used for a distinguished visitors (DV) lounge?
    Nonappropriated funds