3M071B Practice Test

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  • 1 . (221) Which type of correspondence is used to follow up a telephone invitation to a military event?
    Written “to remind” invitation
  • 2 . (204) Which time-phased force deployment data (TPFDD) is associated with a written operational plan (OPLAN)?
    Requirements driven
  • 3 . (010) Who prepares the nonappropriated fund (NAF) income and expense (I&E) budget for the lodging operations?
    Lodging managers
  • 4 . (215) Which deceased member relative is not authorized to receive travel and per diem entitlements for funeral travel?
  • 5 . (221) What is the recommended attire for men that are attending events that call for business casual?
    Sport coat, no tie
  • 6 . (202) Which part of the base support plan, expeditionary site plans (ESP) identifies resources?
    Part 1
  • 7 . (220) Which privilege is used when determining invitation lists, seating for conferences and ceremonies, order of introduction, or military air (MILAIR) and housing priority?
  • 8 . (012) Lodging rate request changes are normally submitted no later than
    15 February
  • 9 . (003) Which Epitome Property Management Systems (PMS) feature gives up-to-date status on occupancy figures, housekeeping, and incoming reservations at any given moment?
    Flash Status
  • 10 . (219) What is the most embedded custom in the military culture?