3M071B Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is 3M071B (01-1310) (02-1402)

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  • 1 . (202) Within the emergency management process who provide oversight for the installation commander during emergencies?
    Emergency support function staff
  • 2 . (221) What must be spelled out, in plain English on all military invitations?
    Date and time of event
  • 3 . (221) What is the recommended attire for men that are attending events that call for business casual?
    Sport coat, no tie
  • 4 . (011) The responsibilities to ensure all base-level bills for lodging operations are paid lies with the
    nonappropriated fund accounting office (NAF AO)
  • 5 . (014) A project preparation package (PPP) is submitted to which office?
    Air Force Personnel Center/Services Directorate Operations Division Resource Section (AFPC/SVOLR)
  • 6 . (018) During a contingency, who must management coordinate with before planning any lodging assignments?
    Site commander
  • 7 . (012) Lodging rates are not based on
    nonappropriated fund (NAF) cash flow budget
  • 8 . (203) When deployed, which ration type does not require cooks?
    Meal ready to eat (MRE)
  • 9 . (015) How long is documentation kept for “formal” room inspections housekeeping supervisors conduct?
    One year
  • 10 . (208) What is the fundamental premise of Status of Resources and Training System (SORTS) reporting?