2T151 Vol 2 EC 03 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is 03

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  • 1 . 16. (208) Why is the accuracy of workload data entered in the Online Vehicle Interactive Management System (OLVIMS) dispatch module critical?
    It assesses the elements productivity, substantiates existing manpower variances, and builds historical data to support potential manpower variances
  • 2 . 57. (219) When using a lever binder you should be aware of ice, snow, rain, and oil because they can affect
    your footing
  • 3 . 47. (218) Which block number of the DD Form 1348–1A, Issue Release/Receipt Document shows the delivery destination of the property?
    Block 25
  • 4 . 43. (217) Within Vehicle Operations who initiates the classified property receipt letter of authorization?
    Organization commanders.
  • 5 . 35. (215) Which office maintains active records for all authorized operators requiring additional licensing assigned to the installation?
    Operator records and licensing (OR&L)
  • 6 . 37. (215) A vehicle misuse case file process starts when the
    operator records and licensing office is notified of a potential vehicle misuse incident
  • 7 . 53. (218) Sensitive cargo is defined as cargo whose nature and presence if
    viewed by personnel without the proper level of clearance could impact mission accomplishment and affect national security
  • 8 . One way to reduce miscommunication when collecting information from a customer is to repeat back
    exactly what you wrote down on the 868 or put into OLVIMS
  • 9 . 52. (218) All classified and unclassified nuclear weapons related material (NWRM) will be handled and shipped as
    classified, protected cargo
  • 10 . 48. (218) As an operator performing cargo delivery duty, what form is used to prepare customer issue receipts?
    AF Form 2005