2T151N Vol 2 EC 03 Practice Test

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  • 1 . 65. (221) Placards must remain on your vehicle when transporting hazardous materials (HAZMAT) from the time
    the vehicle is being loaded until the vehicle is completely unloaded
  • 2 . 62. (221) Shippers communicate the risk associated with transporting hazardous cargo by
    putting hazard warning labels on packages and providing the proper shipping papers, emergency response information, and placards.
  • 3 . 48. (218) As an operator performing cargo delivery duty, what form is used to prepare customer issue receipts?
    AF Form 2005
  • 4 . 15. (207) The Mission Essential Listing (MEL) reflects the
    minimum number of vehicles needed in service to complete the user’s mission.
  • 5 . 30. (214) Which of the following would determine the expiration date of an Air Force Form 2293?
    4 years from the most recent review of Optional Form (OF) 345 (federal civilians only)
  • 6 . In regards to u-drive-it (UDI) vehicles, who should coordinate requests exceeding 72-hours?
    Vehicle Operations Control Center supervisor
  • 7 . 49. (218) Within Material Management, what is the goal to deliver priority cargo, which includes Priority 01 and mission capable parts (MICAP), to customers?
    30 minute
  • 8 . 39. (216) Training validation and operations (TVO) is required to establish specific driving routes to evaluation trainees for all tractor/trailer combinations and general purpose vehicles designed to carry
    16 or more passengers
  • 9 . When assigned fleet service cards (FSC) are not being used they are required to be
    secured and accounted for by each dispatcher in the Vehicle Operations Control Center (VOCC)
  • 10 . 37. (215) A vehicle misuse case file process starts when the
    operator records and licensing office is notified of a potential vehicle misuse incident