2T151N Vol 2 EC 03 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is 03

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  • 1 . When vehicle transportation is essential to the performance of official business, which method needs to be considered in the order shown to the extent they are available and capable of meeting mission requirements?
    DOD scheduled bus service, scheduled public transportation, DOD-owned, rented or leased motor vehicle, voluntary use of POV on a reimbursable basis, commercial taxicab on a reimbursable basis
  • 2 . 44. (217) If you discover an individual has signed for or handled classified property and that person is not on the Receipt Authorization for Classified Property List you will immediately notify the Logistics Readiness Squadron (LRS) commander/accountable officer
    and the LRS/supply activity security manager
  • 3 . 17. (208) How many reports automatically generated in the Online Vehicle Interactive Management System (OLVIMS) dispatch module are used to review historical records?
  • 4 . 65. (221) Placards must remain on your vehicle when transporting hazardous materials (HAZMAT) from the time
    the vehicle is being loaded until the vehicle is completely unloaded
  • 5 . 33. (214) Civilian employee vehicle operators are required to undergo a medical fitness assessment every
    4 years
  • 6 . 67. (221) The receiver must complete the destination portion of which of the following forms before the vehicle containing the hazardous material (HAZMAT) can be accepted for delivery?
    DD Form 626
  • 7 . 60. (220) What do over-length, over-width, and/or overweight cargo loads require?
    Special transit permits
  • 8 . 21. (209) What is the first step to process asset movements using the handheld terminal (HHT)?
    Press ASSET MOVEMENT from the ES-S home screen on the HHT
  • 9 . 12. (206) How long does the permanent waiver card stay with a government motor vehicle (GMV)?
    The entire time the vehicle is Air Force property.
  • 10 . The Vehicle Operations Control Center (VOCC) supervisor is responsible for ensuring what type of category codes are used for each transportation service request?