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  • 1 . Who is are responsible to ensure identification, destination, and cargo movement markings are clearly visible to assist transportation personnel to efficiently redeploy equipment?
  • 2 . Who is responsible for execution of the Air and Space Expeditionary Force (AEF) schedule?
    Commander, Air Combat Command (COMACC)
  • 3 . Which phase of crisis action planning (CAP) begins when command authorities decide to use a military response to a situation?
    Course of action development
  • 4 . Why should the Deployment Control Center (DCC) key staff be provided with land mobile radios and cell telephones?
    Facilitate rapid and accurate communications
  • 5 . What workcenter provides overall direction and coordination of reception and beddown procedures?
    Reception control center (RCC)
  • 6 . Who is the statutory military advisor to the National Security Council (NSC)?
    Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
  • 7 . What is the basic difference between a shortfall and a reclama?
    The shortfall is the deficiency and the reclama is the process that identifies the deficiency
  • 8 . Which deployment tool is used to ensure time-phased force and deployment data (TPFDD) is maintained in accordance with the operations plan (OPLAN) it supports?
    Joint Operation Planning and Execution System (JOPES)
  • 9 . What Joint Operation Planning and Execution System (JOPES) standard reference file contains the deployment data for all approved Department of Defense (DOD) unit type codes (UTC)?
    Type unit characteristics (TUCHA) file
  • 10 . Conducting readiness assessment is critical to
    measure a unit’s ability to deploy and sustain forward operation