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  • 1 . What information source is required to view an asset’s status in the Global Transportation Network (GTN) as it goes from origin to destination?
    Movement data
  • 2 . Who provides overall control for arriving personnel forces and coordinates requirements for processing and onward movement?
    Reception processing unit (RPU)
  • 3 . If the baseline Air and Space Expeditionary Force (AEF) vulnerability period of four months facilitates readiness of the force to respond to rotational and operation plan (OPLAN) requirements, then the results will be
    all AEF forces are vulnerable for OPLAN requirements
  • 4 . The Department of Defense (DOD) turns budgets and the money that comes from them into operational military plans through the use of
    the Joint Strategic Capabilities Plan (JSCP)
  • 5 . Base support plans (BSP) are developed for locations that are
    with a permanent air force presence
  • 6 . Which function do noncommissioned officers (NCO) provide during base support and expeditionary site planning processes?
    Conduct training for subordinate and tenant units
  • 7 . Which phase of crisis action planning (CAP) begins when command authorities decide to use a military response to a situation?
    Course of action development
  • 8 . Who will receive initial training within 45 days of assignment by the installation deployment officer (IDO)?
    Unit commanders
  • 9 . Who is the intelligence advisor to the National Security Council (NSC)?
    Director of National Intelligence
  • 10 . Posturing codes, or P-codes, indicate what unit type code (UTC) records would generally be available
    during normal rotational operations