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  • 1 . During crisis action planning, which of the following are prepared in prescribed formats under joint procedures?
    Operation order
  • 2 . The process of adding a unit type code (UTC) to the Manpower and Equipment Force Package (MEFPAK), building the manpower and or equipment detail, and getting the UTC added to the Type Unit Characteristics (TUCHA) is known as
    UTC development
  • 3 . What uniquely identifies each unit in the time-phased force and deployment data (TPFDD)?
    Unit line number (ULN)
  • 4 . A trainee may perform a task unsupervised when
    task certified
  • 5 . Who is responsible for ensuring base support plans (BSP) and expeditionary site plans (ESP) are accessible via the Air Force Portal?
    Major command (MAJCOM)
  • 6 . Who are the functional experts for their respective areas and are essential to the war readiness materiel (WRM) program?
    Unit WRM managers
  • 7 . What does the War Plans Additive Requirements Report (WPARR) authorize?
  • 8 . What is not a required equipment item for the Personnel Deployment Function (PDF)?
    Cable television
  • 9 . Who is the focus of the joint operation planning process, using it to determine the best method of accomplishing assigned tasks and direct the actions necessary to accomplish the mission?
    Combatant commanders (CCDR)
  • 10 . What provides the basis for the minimum equipment and supplies a unit requires to support its maximum simultaneous deployment responsibility?
    The total number of AW* and DW* coded UTCs in UTC Availability for their wing/installation