2T251 Volume 3 EC04 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is EC04

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  • 1 . 21. (406) A passenger can be categorized as a Blue Bark passenger when the passenger is
    traveling in conjunction with the death of a family member.
  • 2 . 46. (412) A passenger is presenting two pets for travel, but the border clearance documentation for the animals does not meet the requirements. What is your next step?
    Place the passenger in duty standby status until the pet is travel ready.
  • 3 . 34. (408) When preparing the Department of Defense (DD) Form 2131, Passenger Manifest, at a minimum, how many copies will you complete and how are they distributed?
    Sufficient copies will be made available for enroute, downline and terminating stations and all applicable border clearance agencies and retain one copy for station file.
  • 4 . 35. (409) When determining head tax charges for passengers, in which circumstance will you charge the tax for a passenger traveling from McGuire Air Force Base, NJ to Ramstein Air Base, Germany?
    Space-available passenger traveling on a commercial-contracted aircraft.
  • 5 . What can you do for your passengers to show you were listening and make sure you understood what they said to you?
    Paraphrase what they said.
  • 6 . 23. (406) If a mission essential ground personnel (MEGP) passenger wants to travel on a specific mission that departs at 0800 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), when is the latest time the MEGP can notify the Air Terminal Operations Center (ATOC) of that intention?
    0500 GMT.
  • 7 . 100. (430) Air Terminal Operations Center (ATOC) personnel prepare the Air Mobility Command (AMC) Form 56, Rehandled Workload when
    an ATOC representative is required to make additional trips to an aircraft during extended delays, mission reroutes, or load or aircraft swaps.
  • 8 . 97. (429) At a minimum, how many copies of each manifest must load planning produce?
  • 9 . 53. (414) If you are at the station where a passenger reported a lost bag on 23 April 12, how much time do you have to find the lost baggage and update the remarks section on Air Mobility Command (AMC) Form 134, Mishandled Baggage Report before only the Baggage Service Center (BSC) will assume responsibility for the claim?
    5 days.
  • 10 . 77. (422) Before a manually completed mission’s Air Mobility Command (AMC) Form 77, Aircraft Ground Handling Record is forwarded to the Records, Reports, and Analysis section, the shift supervisor will
    review it for accuracy and content and signs it.