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  • 1 . (428) When you change an oxyacetylene welding tip to a higher number tip, you increase the
    volume of the flame
  • 2 . (015) The process of assessing damage, putting the priority vehicles first, and doing cannibalization or whatever it takes to get those vehicles back in commission is called
    triage maintenance
  • 3 . (429) How large of a diameter should you maintain the molten metal pool in oxyacetylene welding?
    3/16 to 3/8 inch
  • 4 . (428) What type of threads do the acetylene hose fittings have?
  • 5 . (405) Which spoon would you use as a pry tool on a damaged vehicle panel?
  • 6 . (027) At what pressure does the Nuclear Biological Chemical (NBC) system in the Cougar CAT II mine resistant ambush protected (MRAP) vehicle pressure alarm/light shut off?
    3 inches of WC
  • 7 . (019) What is not an advantage of fuel cells over battery-powered vehicles?
  • 8 . (213) The P–19 multimetering manifold delivers foam concentrate using three orifices controlled by
    air valves
  • 9 . (414) Which type of plastic softens when heated, hardens as it cools, and can be heated/cooled repeatedly with the same result?
  • 10 . (217) What is the discharge pressure of the Akron Brass roof turret used on the P–23’s dispensing system?
    180 psi