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  • 1 . (410) Collision Estimating Guides list vehicle parts in what order?
    Front to back, outside to inside
  • 2 . (006) How are vehicle components that are authorized depot repair coded in the Federal Supply Catalog?
  • 3 . (027) The conventional and blackout lighting systems on the Cougar 6×6 CAT II mine resistant ambush protected (MRAP) vehicle are controlled by
    a rotary switch
  • 4 . (007) Which is a negative manpower variance?
    Material control function realigned
  • 5 . (419) Which type of sandpaper is good for use on paint finishes?
    Silicon carbide
  • 6 . (414) Which type of plastic softens when heated, hardens as it cools, and can be heated/cooled repeatedly with the same result?
  • 7 . (419) Before using a paint stripper to remove paint from a vehicle, you should consult with
    Environmental or Bioenvironmental Engineering
  • 8 . (420) If you notice a rainbow or colored spots on a windshield when sunlight strikes it from different angles, the problem is
    decomposition of the plastic layer
  • 9 . (020) Where are crash sensors usually located on most vehicles?
    Front of the vehicle near the grille
  • 10 . (010) What are directed at the Air Force-level, built at the major command (MAJCOM) level, and filled at the squadron level?
    Unit type code (UTC)