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  • 1 . (003) Air Force Occupational Safety and Health (AFOSH) standard (STD) 91ā€“20 contains basic information for operating
    a vehicle maintenance shop
  • 2 . (212) What minimum air pressure activates the Pā€“19 water pump clutch air chamber?
    90 psi
  • 3 . (204) What prevents movement of the steering clutch outer drum on the crawler tractor during a turn?
    Band brake
  • 4 . (408) What auto body tool do you use to compare distances but not measure them?
  • 5 . (403) If you need to repair a panel that is hard to get to, which auto body repair hammer do you use?
  • 6 . (410) Collision Estimating Guides list vehicle parts in what order?
    Front to back, outside to inside
  • 7 . (025) What major component of the 5-ton M-series medium wrecker is used to control the operating gear ratio of the rear winch drive motor?
    Torque control lever
  • 8 . (204) What type of torque converter is used on the crawler?
  • 9 . (406) The area of auto body metal that serves as a pivot for movement without breaking is called
    a simple bend
  • 10 . (431) If you want to make thicker metal cuts with the plasma cutter, what variable must be adjusted?
    Increase the amperage