2T151 Vol 3 EC 03 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is 03

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  • 1 . What is the preferred technique to hold a lensatic compass to ensure an accurate reading?
  • 2 . 59. (423) Who is responsible for planning, preparing, and executing convoy operations?
    Convoy commander
  • 3 . 39. (413) What data must be entered at the vehicle identification link key reader to get fuel?
    Current odometer reading and/or the hours of the vehicle.
  • 4 . 45. (417) What organization is the focal point for deployments on each installation?
    Deployment control center
  • 5 . The precision lightweight global positioning system receiver is designed to be used during
    all weather conditions during day or night operations
  • 6 . 23. (410) What does the term ―jackknife‖ refer to?
    Tractor and trailer are jammed together at an acute angle
  • 7 . 36. (412) When a vehicle is repaired, customer service personnel enter the work order number and any deferred items in what section of the AF Form 1800?
    Maintenance Report Status
  • 8 . Where does the needle on a compass point towards?
    Magnetic north.
  • 9 . 53. (420) Which commander oversees the logistics readiness center and reception control center function?
    Expeditionary mission support group.
  • 10 . 13. (406) When approaching a railroad crossing in a bus you must stop in which lane and be what distance from the nearest rail?
    Farthest right driving lane, no closer than 15 feet and no farther away than 50 feet