2T151N Vol 3 EC 03 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is 03

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  • 1 . 17. (408) What is the range of a rollback wrecker’s payload-on-deck capacity in pounds?
  • 2 . 54. (421) What type of convoy formation is only used on multilane roads and provides greater headlight coverage at night?
  • 3 . 41. (414) Which lug nut do you install first on a single wheel assembly?
  • 4 . 38. (412) If you find a discrepancy on a vehicle you are picking up from vehicle management you should
    not sign for the vehicle and return the AF Form 1800 vehicle management and analysis.
  • 5 . 10. (404) What navigation and route planning tool includes line-of-sight and circular line-of-sight tools that allow operators to analyze proposed routes prior to actual movement ensuring routes meet stated criteria, aiding commanders in the development of operational orders?
    Terrain analysis
  • 6 . What do symbols in black represent on a military map?
    Cultural and man-made features
  • 7 . 23. (410) What does the term ―jackknife‖ refer to?
    Tractor and trailer are jammed together at an acute angle
  • 8 . 45. (417) What organization is the focal point for deployments on each installation?
    Deployment control center
  • 9 . 18. (408) What is the most common component associated with a standard wrecker?
    Sling assembly.
  • 10 . 48. (417) What is the computer-supported database portion of an operation plan called?
    Time–phased force and deployment data