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  • 1 . 92. (842) Who conducts quality assurance evaluator (QAE) Phase I training?
    AETC mobile instructor
  • 2 . 29. (010) Where are the generalized views created by Strategic GeoBase located?
  • 3 . 14. (206) The collection work order numbers are used to authorize work that is
    minor in nature
  • 4 . 62. (222) During which part of the work order process must excess materials be dealt with?
  • 5 . 59. (616) Which documents are recreated at the discretion of the area supervisor?
    Documents that do not require signatures for audit purposes.
  • 6 . 70. (422) What is the only user modifiable field for a noun record which is coded for delete?
  • 7 . 61. (419) In the Civil Engineer Material Acquisition System (CEMAS), which field identifies the bill of material (BOM) as being ready for Material Acquisition to order the items?
    Required delivery date (RDD).
  • 8 . 65. (420) In the Civil Engineer Material Acquisition System (CEMAS), what field may be used to override the reorder point?
    Minimum level
  • 9 . 93. (234) Which analysis tool is used for assessing the productivity of a group within the maintenance process?
    Work sampling studies.
  • 10 . What are the three distinct functions of Civil Engineer (CE) material acquisition?
    Chief of material acquisition, requirements section, and material storage.