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  • 1 . What type of support agreement is made between the Air Force and a Navy detachment?
  • 2 . 75. (424) Which Civil Engineer Material Acquisition System (CEMAS) listing can identify requirements that have been awaiting requisition action for a specific number of days?
    PCN SF022–140
  • 3 . 60. (419) What information must you input to view bill of material (BOM) line items in the Civil Engineer Material Acquisition System (CEMAS)?
    Work order number.
  • 4 . 88. (231) Which labor utilization code indicates a worker is being loaned to an exception time accounting cost center?
  • 5 . 26. (811) Where is cargo weighed, measured, and the cargo documentation validated?
    Cargo deployment function (CDF)
  • 6 . 100. (236) Who conducts a variance analysis to identify and reduce or eliminate system and shop inefficiencies?
    Maintenance engineer
  • 7 . 33. (410) How do technical orders (TO) differ from user manuals?
    User manuals usually do not offer the level of detail as TOs.
  • 8 . 24. (606) The Bill of Materials (BOM) Item Inquiry screen can be accessed from which of these screens?
    Work Order Material Information.
  • 9 . 33. (813) What three functions support the incident control center (ICC) command and control structure?
    CAT, EOC, and UCCs
  • 10 . 15. (805) The degree to which a unit meets standards within the three measured resource areas and an overall unit assessment is indicated by a five-point scale called