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  • 1 . 55. (417) In the Civil Engineer Material Acquisition System (CEMAS), what field in the noun dictionary identifies special instructions or restrictions for hazardous items?
    Issue exception code (IEX).
  • 2 . 35. (411) When doing an online search, if you perform a query using many keywords, you will
    limit the query too much and miss a lot of useful information
  • 3 . 34. (411) What resource tool uses spiders, crawlers, or robots to help you find parts and materials?
    Online catalog
  • 4 . 57. (221) Resources should never be charged to
    Draft work orders
  • 5 . 57. (417) In the Civil Engineer Material Acquisition System (CEMAS), how many days after a noun is coded as store stock will the reorder quantities be calculated programmatically from past consumption?
  • 6 . 83. (428) When you are processing line item requisitions in the Civil Engineer Material Acquisition System (CEMAS), what does the message “UNABLE TO ASSIGN DOC#, REINPUT LATER” indicate?
    A file conflict.
  • 7 . 30. (812) What type of command would be established if multiple incident commanders are managing several incidents across the installation?
    Area command
  • 8 . 72. (621) When is supporting documentation not required for an inventory adjustment?
    Adjustments to the item record balance are not required
  • 9 . 85. (022) What information should be “prefilled” on a customer evaluation form?
    Work order number
  • 10 . 44. (611) What action (if any) must be taken to produce a bill of materials (BOM) final closeout report when a work order is closed and items remain in the holding area?
    The items must be transferred to the store or residue