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  • 1 . 108. (031) Which publications are extensions of instructions and are, therefore, also directive publications. They contain both guidance and procedures that usually contain examples for performing standard tasks, or supporting education and training programs?
    Air Force manuals (AFMAN)
  • 2 . 20. (406) Before funds can be obligated, the Military Interdepartment Purchase Requests (MIPR) must be accepted by
    the performing activity.
  • 3 . 93. (234) Which analysis tool is used for assessing the productivity of a group within the maintenance process?
    Work sampling studies.
  • 4 . 72. (018) What form covers releases and transfers of toxic chemicals to various facilities and environmental media?
    Form R.
  • 5 . 22. (605) Which document is used as the accountable document for items received from Base Supply?
    DD Form 1348–1A, Issue Release/Receipt Document
  • 6 . 34. (813) What communication centers make up the emergency communication center (ECC)?
    Fire, security force, and medical dispatch centers
  • 7 . 81. (836) What kind of radio frequency propagates more easily via sky and direct wave because obstacles easily absorb them?
    Higher frequency waves
  • 8 . 68. (422) In the Civil Engineer Material Acquisition System (CEMAS), you know a noun record needs to be researched if the
    bin location displays
  • 9 . 33. (608) Which form is initiated by ocean terminals to consolidate individual transportation discrepancy reports when a sealift carrier is at fault?
    DD Form 470, Cargo-Out-Turn Report
  • 10 . 79. (020) Which are the two major sources of lead exposure to children?
    Lead-based paint and drinking water.