2T271 Volume 1 EC 05 Practice Test

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  • 1 . 20. (005) Which type of plan’s extensive information can be quickly developed into an operation order (OPORD) when it is necessary to execute an operation?
    Operational plan (OPLAN)
  • 2 . 42. (009) If you are assigned to an Air Force unit and your unit is providing a service to an Army unit, which type of support agreement is required?
  • 3 . 29. (006) If you are assigned to a deployment function in which you have no experience, which type of training should you receive?
  • 4 . Which of the following is not a consideration when seeking to develop your subordinates?
    Assigning them to the same duties every day
  • 5 . 19. (005) If a combatant commander perceives a threat, which type of plan is created to counter that perceived threat?
    Operational plan (OPLAN)
  • 6 . 36. (007) If you are performing duties as a unit deployment manager (UDM), who must you notify when mismatches exist between unit type code (UTC) authorizations and unit manpower document (UMD) authorizations?
    MAJCOM FAM and both wing and MAJCOM manpower offices only
  • 7 . 18. (005) If the United States is significantly threatened, the Joint Planning and Execution Community (JPEC) uses which type of planning processes in response to these types of situations?
    Crisis and contingency
  • 8 . 14. (004) Which core capability of joint logistics is considered the cornerstone of joint logistics and supports movement of forces and equipment during deployment?
    Deployment and distribution
  • 9 . 26. (005) What is the Air Force’s war planning system that is used to interface with the Joint Operations Planning Execution System (JOPES) Automated Data Processing (ADP)?
    Deliberate and Crisis Action Planning and Execution Segments (DCAPES)
  • 10 . 44. (010) Augmentation support is usually not provided for
    normal manpower shortfalls