2T271 Volume 1 EC 05 Practice Test

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  • 1 . 41. (009) What is the primary purpose of support agreements?
    Identify the specific support functions one party will perform for another
  • 2 . Within how many days from the last day of the month must the Air Mobility Command (AMC) Form 82, Monthly Station Traffic Handling Report, reach AMC?
  • 3 . 49. (011) A “1” under the Fiscal Year and Quarter column on the unit manpower document (UMD) indicates the
    specified position is funded for that quarter
  • 4 . 32. (007) Which Air Force (AF) form (or approved facsimile) will you use to accomplish your unit’s Status of Resources and Training System (SORTS) designed operational capability (DOC) statement report?
    AF Form 723
  • 5 . 22. (005) Which type of plan is an abbreviated format which will require extensive development before being converted into an operation plan (OPLAN) when it’s necessary for an operation?
    Concept plan (CONPLAN)
  • 6 . Who designates, in writing, a full-time Air Transportation Standardization Evaluation (ATSEV) manager and evaluators?
    AP/AMS commander
  • 7 . Which organization establishes policy and administration of the Air Transportation Standardization Evaluation (ATSEV) program?
  • 8 . 50. (012) The primary mission of the Air Force Emergency Management Program is to save lives, minimize the loss of resources, and
  • 9 . 28. (006) If you are assigned to the Air Passenger Terminal (APT), you are responsible for
    manifesting passengers, building baggage pallets, and briefing, securing, and transporting passengers
  • 10 . 30. (007) Of the following, which is not a purpose of the Status of Resources and Training System (SORTS)?
    Ensure timeliness, accuracy, and validity of Air and Space Expeditionary reporting tool data