2T271 Volume 1 EC 05 Practice Test

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  • 1 . 49. (011) A “1” under the Fiscal Year and Quarter column on the unit manpower document (UMD) indicates the
    specified position is funded for that quarter
  • 2 . 46. (010) A member who is assigned to a unit type code (UTC) is normally not assigned augmentation duties because
    of being subject to deploy in support of an operations plan, taking priority over local augmentation requirements
  • 3 . 34. (007) If you are assigned as your unit’s Air and Space Expeditionary Force (AEF) reporting tool (ART) monitor, you must report timely and accurate unit type code (UTC) readiness and tasking status that is essential to
    smooth AEF execution
  • 4 . 44. (010) Augmentation support is usually not provided for
    normal manpower shortfalls
  • 5 . 30. (007) Of the following, which is not a purpose of the Status of Resources and Training System (SORTS)?
    Ensure timeliness, accuracy, and validity of Air and Space Expeditionary reporting tool data
  • 6 . 24. (005) What is the primary system used by the Joint Chiefs of Staff for deliberate planning and providing military advice to the President and Secretary of Defense?
    joint strategic planning system
  • 7 . 51. (012) The disaster response force is made up of the crisis action team, emergency operations center, and the
    unit control center
  • 8 . Which organization establishes policy and administration of the Air Transportation Standardization Evaluation (ATSEV) program?
  • 9 . Before you can prioritize work assignments, you must review the shift
    schedule to determine who is available to perform duties
  • 10 . 28. (006) If you are assigned to the Air Passenger Terminal (APT), you are responsible for
    manifesting passengers, building baggage pallets, and briefing, securing, and transporting passengers