2T271 Volume 1 EC 05 Practice Test

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  • 1 . 18. (005) If the United States is significantly threatened, the Joint Planning and Execution Community (JPEC) uses which type of planning processes in response to these types of situations?
    Crisis and contingency
  • 2 . 40. (009) What is the relationship between starter stocks and swing stocks?
    Starter stocks are pre-positioned at or near the point of intended use; swing stocks are positioned to meet war reserve requirements for more than one contingency for more than one theater of operation
  • 3 . 35. (007) If you are assigned as your unit’s Air and Space Expeditionary Force (AEF) reporting tool (ART) monitor, which action is not your responsibility?
    Processing ART role requests from subordinate units
  • 4 . 23. (005) How do base-level personnel receive important logistics requirements for contingency planning?
    They are extracted from the Joint Strategic Planning System (JSPS) into United States Air Force plans
  • 5 . 14. (004) Which core capability of joint logistics is considered the cornerstone of joint logistics and supports movement of forces and equipment during deployment?
    Deployment and distribution
  • 6 . 16. (004) How far in advance does Air Mobility Command (AMC) publish the monthly passenger and cargo schedules, respectively?
    75 days and 15 days before the beginning of the operating month
  • 7 . 11. (004) Which is not a level of war?
  • 8 . 10. (004) Which is not a principle of joint operations?
  • 9 . When you have had several aircraft in the month of July that are classified as “other” on the Air Mobility Command (AMC) Form 82, Monthly Station Traffic Handling Report, how do you report those aircraft?
    Identify the aircraft by type and provide a complete listing of those aircraft in Section X
  • 10 . 22. (005) Which type of plan is an abbreviated format which will require extensive development before being converted into an operation plan (OPLAN) when it’s necessary for an operation?
    Concept plan (CONPLAN)