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  • 1 . 64. (133) What control measures are the most effective against venomous animals?
  • 2 . 55. (128) What is the condition in which living tissue is infested with maggots?
  • 3 . Recent operations other than war (OOTW) have been seen in Bosnia,
    Rwanda, Iraq, and Haiti
  • 4 . Who appoints the base medical intelligence officer?
    Medical treatment facility commander
  • 5 . 23. (112) The number one cause of skin disease in the field is
    breakdowns in basic personal hygiene and sanitation
  • 6 . 16. (109) What primarily determines the effectiveness of a biological agent?
    Ability of the organism to overcome resistance of the target host
  • 7 . Medical intelligence (MI) is information about diseases,
    climatic conditions and other health-related environmental factors
  • 8 . 32. (118) How many straddle trench latrines should be constructed for each 100 men?
  • 9 . 63. (133) Which type of venom produces raised areas on the skin that may itch or be intensely painful?
    Urticating toxin
  • 10 . 37. (121) What is the first classification or grouping within the animal or plant kingdom?