2F051 Vol 4 EC06 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is 06

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  • 1 . 64. (616) When servicing an Air Force aircraft that does not have an identaplate, obtain the necessary billing information from the aircraft’s
    Air Force Technical Order (AFTO) Form 781F, Aerospace Vehicle Identification Document
  • 2 . 32. (607) What form is used to perform pantograph inspections?
    AF Form 4427
  • 3 . 51. (613) When concurrently servicing cargo/passenger aircraft, passengers may
    enter or exit the aircraft provided a jetway is used
  • 4 . 27. (606) Who raises the lift platform on a Beta-Freightliner R-12 when servicing fuel to an aircraft?
    Crew chief.
  • 5 . 18. (605) What component in the Beta-Freightliner cab illuminates and indicates the vehicle cannot be moved whenever the lift platform is not fully set in the DOWN position?
    Interlock engaged indicator light
  • 6 . 56. (614) The refueling vehicle engine should not be allowed to operate more than how many minutes during in-shelter refueling operations if the aircraft entry doors are closed?
  • 7 . 41. (609) When receiving ground fuel with the C-300/C-301 Ground-Servicing Unit, the tank fill rate should not exceed
    600 gpm.
  • 8 . 60. (616) Which form is the primary means to record fuel issues to aircraft?
    DD Form 1898, Energy Sale Slip.
  • 9 . 39. (608) The C-300/C-301 Ground-Servicing Unit is normally equipped with how many feet of 1½-inch diameter hose?
  • 10 . 28. (606) When defueling with a Beta-Freightliner R-12, what button do you press to adjust the pressure to the desired level, to maintain a steady flow?