2F051 Vol 4 EC06 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is 06

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  • 1 . 67. (617) What vehicles must be processed through the checkpoint for daily inspections?
    Only vehicles needed to support daily mission requirements.
  • 2 . 13. (603) To use engine braking in the Kovatch-Series R-11s, what gear selector position can you use?
  • 3 . 14. (604) What is the desired engine speed, in revolutions per minute (rpm), for LOW FLOW servicing operations on the Kovatch-International R-11 Refueler?
  • 4 . 62. (616) In what block of the Department of Defense (DD) Form 1898, Energy Sale Slip, will the crew chief enter his or her initials to ensure joint verification?
  • 5 . 68. (617) At a minimum, all assigned fuel-servicing vehicles and equipment must be inspected at least once every how many days when not used?
  • 6 . 41. (609) When receiving ground fuel with the C-300/C-301 Ground-Servicing Unit, the tank fill rate should not exceed
    600 gpm.
  • 7 . 63. (616) What is annotated in the REMARKS AND/OR VOUCHER NO. block of the Department of Defense (DD) Form 1898, Energy Sale Slip, if the aircraft being serviced is not a home station aircraft?
    Full tail number and the mission, design and series (MDS) of the aircraft
  • 8 . 32. (607) What form is used to perform pantograph inspections?
    AF Form 4427
  • 9 . 26. (606) When backing an R-12 servicing vehicle towards an aircraft, you must always have a
    spotter and a prepositioned chock behind the unit
  • 10 . Which is not a position on the Kovatch-International R-11 Refueler’s pumping mode selector valve?