2F051 Vol 4 EC06 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is 06

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  • 1 . 51. (613) When concurrently servicing cargo/passenger aircraft, passengers may
    enter or exit the aircraft provided a jetway is used
  • 2 . 67. (617) What vehicles must be processed through the checkpoint for daily inspections?
    Only vehicles needed to support daily mission requirements.
  • 3 . 54. (613) While performing a concurrent servicing operation, vehicles will not be allowed to operate or pass within how many feet of aircraft fuel vents?
  • 4 . 48. (611) Hot defueling is approved for all of the following aircraft except
    C-5 Galaxy
  • 5 . The power takeoff (PTO) interlock system on the Kovatch-Volvo R-11 Refueler prevents the
    auxiliary throttle from operating when the PTO is in the vehicle drive position
  • 6 . 47. (611) What type of special servicing operation involves transferring fuel out of the fuel tanks of an aircraft with one or more engines operating?
    Hot defueling
  • 7 . 38. (608) What is the rated gallons per minute (gpm) output of the positive displacement pump on the C-300/C-301 Ground-Servicing Unit?
  • 8 . 68. (617) At a minimum, all assigned fuel-servicing vehicles and equipment must be inspected at least once every how many days when not used?
  • 9 . Which is not a position on the Kovatch-International R-11 Refueler’s pumping mode selector valve?
  • 10 . 71. (619) What type of fuel-servicing operations would not require a fuels flight-line expediter?
    Ground fuel-servicing