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  • 1 . 89. (048) By law, in the case of the release of predetermined amounts of hazardous chemicals, the facility must notify the community and the
    Local Emergency Planning Committee and the State Emergency Response Committee
  • 2 . 23. (013) How is warranted/guaranteed Air Force equipment identified?
    By attaching an Optional Form 274, Equipment Warranty, to the equipment.
  • 3 . 88. (236) One effect of high harmonic levels is
    misoperation of sensitive electronics.
  • 4 . 29. (213) What is the power in watts consumed by a circuit with 120 volts applied and a resistance of 12 ohms?
    1200 watts
  • 5 . 35. (617) When you make a delta-delta connection for lights and power, there is one unusable voltage from
    A phase to neutral
  • 6 . A full-scale reading on an ohmmeter is
  • 7 . 19. (210) What type of current flow cannot be transformed from a higher voltage to a lower voltage?
    Direct current
  • 8 . The most important. thing to keep. in mind during. readiness training is
    that the reason for our existence is to do our primary mission.
  • 9 . What moves a sufficient number of electrons to perform a useful job?
  • 10 . 73. (413) What is the minimum number of down conductors that are used to provide lightning protection to a facility?