2S071 Barnes ANGB V1 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is Z2S071 01 1506 Edit Code 07

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  • 1 . What are the keys to deficiency identification?
    Analysis and special analysis program
  • 2 . Where are all supply discrepancy report (SDR) suspense copies kept?
    Customer support.
  • 3 . How many days after the first follow-up is a second follow-up sent to an action activity that has not replied to a supply discrepancy report (SDR)?
  • 4 . What type of analysis identifies favorable or unfavorable deviations when compared to established factors, standards, and norms?
  • 5 . What supply management listing shows all rejects that have been cleared?
  • 6 . Which is a basic ground rule for conducting a surveillance visit to an accountable office function?
    Check in and out with the flight chief.
  • 7 . A category III difficulty report (DIREP) does not stop processing and is corrected
    in the next scheduled release.
  • 8 . Which difficulty report (DIREP) category code is assigned when there are misspelled words and other minor program deficiencies?
  • 9 . What item(s) are needed by quality assurance to perform an analysis?
    Statistics and source documents.
  • 10 . Storing all supply interface system (SIFS) images for the purpose of backup into a local user file is a duplication of effort and an abuse of system resources because
    SIFS has built-in recovery and contingency procedures.