2F051 Vol 2 EC06 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is 06

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  • 1 . 25. (209) Disposal of tank bottom water should be coordinated with
    base environmental manager
  • 2 . 43. (211) Using the Hydro-Light detector instrument, how long do you allow the unit to fully update, and how many scans will it perform?
    10 seconds; three scans
  • 3 . 12. (205) All items must be contained in each servicing clipboard except
    Standard Form (SF) 91, Motor Vehicle Accident Report
  • 4 . 55. (214) When are odors most prevalent during a liquid oxygen odor test?
    The sample has warmed to nearly room temperature
  • 5 . 53. (213) Inert solids including rust, metal fragments, dust, and fibers are known as
    particulate matter
  • 6 . 48. (212) When equipped with the proper batteries, the model 1152 conductivity meter is approved for use in which locations?
  • 7 . 52. (213) Methane, acetylene, ethane, ethylene, propane, and butane are what type of hydrocarbons?
  • 8 . 11. (204) Product loss caused by a hostile activity in a deployed location is categorized as what type of determinable variance?
    Combat loss.
  • 9 . Along with the unit training manager, which fuels section coordinates upgrade training programs and requirements for fuels personnel?
    Fuels training
  • 10 . 24. (209) Turbine engine oil is included in which recoverable and waste petroleum product category?
    4—Synthetic oils