2F051 Vol 2 EC06 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is 06

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  • 1 . 14. (206) Maintaining radio transmission discipline over the radio net is the responsibility of the fuels
  • 2 . 33. (210) What is the American Petroleum Institute (API) gravity range for Jet A fuel?
  • 3 . 37. (211) Before being used for a bottle method, test membrane filters are dried at
    194 F.
  • 4 . 55. (214) When are odors most prevalent during a liquid oxygen odor test?
    The sample has warmed to nearly room temperature
  • 5 . Who is responsible for establishing and updating Air Force policy for managing petroleum resources?
    HQ USAF Directorate of Logistics, Logistics Readiness Division, Fuels Management Branch.
  • 6 . 30. (210) During a flashpoint analysis, apply heat to the sample so that the temperature increases at a rate of
    9°F–11F per minute
  • 7 . 40. (211) Printed standards for the Aeronautical Engine Laboratory (AEL) test should be replaced
  • 8 . 22. (207) After you obtain a sample with an in-line sampler, how many seconds should elapse before disassembling the sampler?
  • 9 . 58. (215) To log a retest sample on an equipment item, first you must check the retest box and enter what information in the attached box?
    Previous sample number
  • 10 . 39. (211) What type of dye is used for the Aeronautical Engine Laboratory (AEL) detector pad?
    Sodium fluorescein