2F051 Vol 2 EC06 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is 06

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  • 1 . Who is responsible for establishing and updating Air Force policy for managing petroleum resources?
    HQ USAF Directorate of Logistics, Logistics Readiness Division, Fuels Management Branch.
  • 2 . 32. (210) What action must be taken if the sample flashes upon first application of the flame during a flashpoint analysis?
    Perform a new flash point test
  • 3 . 20. (207) Which sampling device has a projecting stem on a valve rod that opens automatically when the sampler strikes the bottom of a tank?
    Bacon bomb sampler
  • 4 . 26. (210) The American Petroleum Institute (API) gravity test is most accurate when the fuel temperature is near
    60 F
  • 5 . 63. (216) Who should be notified when a caution tag has been removed from a vehicle or equipment?
    Fuels service center
  • 6 . 61. (216) A temporary means of warning personnel against potential hazards or as a caution against unsafe practices is the
    AF Form 980, Caution Tag
  • 7 . 31. (210) When conducting a flashpoint analysis, how long should the flame be applied to the vapor cup when in the lowered position?
    1 second
  • 8 . 60. (216) Verification of a risk assessment code (RAC) should not exceed how many days?
  • 9 . 38. (211) When conducting a field analysis for solids using the color and particle assessment method, what device is used to remove residual fuel from a single filter monitor?
    Metal syringe
  • 10 . 24. (209) Turbine engine oil is included in which recoverable and waste petroleum product category?
    4—Synthetic oils