2T151N Vol 1 EC 03 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is 03

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  • 1 . 66. (025) What is the purpose of an AF Form 797, Job Qualification Standard (JQS) Continuation/Command JQS?
    To add tasks the need to be trained, but not included in the specialty training standard (STS)r.
  • 2 . 33. (012) Which security program applies discipline measures and controls to protect computer system data against unauthorized, disclosure, modification, or destruction?
  • 3 . 28. (010) What term best describes specific facts about friendly activities, intentions, capabilities or limitations vitally needed by adversaries for them to plan and act effectively to guarantee failure or unacceptable consequences for friendly mission?
    Critical information
  • 4 . 41. (015) How are transportation requirements in excess of Department of Defense (DOD) capability met?
    By using commercial carriers
  • 5 . 55. (021) What does the lockout/tagout program refer to?
    The practice of using keyed or combination locks to prevent the use of equipment that needs repair
  • 6 . 43. (016) After the logistics readiness squadron (LRS) commander reviews a support agreement, to what office is the agreement forwarded?
    Wing plans
  • 7 . 36. (013) Which leadership trait is probably the most important and powerful technique to achieve?
    Be the example
  • 8 . 26. (010) When was the present Operations Security (OPSEC) program in use today established?
  • 9 . 47. (018) What part of your body should you use to properly lift heavy loads?
  • 10 . As a vehicle operator, what group are you assigned to?
    Mission support