2T071 Vol. 1 Practice Test

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  • 1 . Who ensures development, implementation, and maintenance of the Career Field Education and Training Plan (CFETP)?
    The career field manager.
  • 2 . Agents of Department of Defense (DOD)-approved carriers offering containerized service must maintain a mobile lifting device capable of handling
    4,000 pounds at 24-inch centers.
  • 3 . As a supervisor, what is your general goal for training subordinates?
    Raise their proficiency level to the point where they are mission-ready technicians.
  • 4 . How many modules does The Defense Personal Property System (DPS) have?
  • 5 . How many cubic feet are in one measurement ton?
    40 cubic feet.
  • 6 . The Traffic Management Apprentice Course is which type of formal training?
    Initial skills.
  • 7 . Which shipment code does not require a DD Form 1384, Transportation Control and Movement Document (TCMD)?
    Code 4.
  • 8 . Which identifier do you use to track a space-confirmed Air Mobility Command (AMC) passenger reservation?
    The unique control number (UCN).
  • 9 . The preferred method of payment for commercial travel tickets for individual travelers is the
    individually billed account (IBA)
  • 10 . Which form, titled “Private Vehicle Shipping Document for Automobile,” is used as an inspection form at the vehicle processing center?
    DD Form 788.