2T071 Vol. 1 Practice Test

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  • 1 . What agency creates permanent change of station (PCS) travel orders and validates all orders?
    Military personnel section.
  • 2 . As a supervisor, what is your general goal for training subordinates?
    Raise their proficiency level to the point where they are mission-ready technicians.
  • 3 . The traffic management briefing area should always be
    neat, clean, and orderly
  • 4 . Which identifier do you use to track a space-confirmed Air Mobility Command (AMC) passenger reservation?
    The unique control number (UCN).
  • 5 . What additional document(s) are required if an excess cost rebuttal package is based on professional books, papers, and equipment (PBP&E)?
    Legible copies of the inventories.
  • 6 . Which item is used to document, monitor, and maintain a comprehensive record of an Air Force member’s training?
    Training Business Area (TBA)/training record
  • 7 . Separate dependent travel orders are required for military dependents traveling more than how long after the sponsor’s report no later than date?
    12 months.
  • 8 . What criteria do you normally use to stratify your workers?
    Merit, based on performance on the job.
  • 9 . When individual travelers are funded using the centrally billed account (CBA), the traffic management flight (TMF) must make the CBA payment to the bank within how many days after receiving the bill? '
    30 days.
  • 10 . Agents of Department of Defense (DOD)-approved carriers offering containerized service must maintain a mobile lifting device capable of handling
    4,000 pounds at 24-inch centers.