2T071 Vol. 1 Practice Test

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  • 1 . Which item is used to document, monitor, and maintain a comprehensive record of an Air Force member’s training?
    Training Business Area (TBA)/training record
  • 2 . Which personal property shipping office is manned by members of more than one Department of Defense (DOD) component?
    The joint personal property shipping office (JPPSO).
  • 3 . Which skill level can be awarded after satisfactorily completing the 2T051 Career Development Course (CDC)?
    5 level.
  • 4 . What criteria do you normally use to stratify your workers?
    Merit, based on performance on the job.
  • 5 . What is the key to avoiding hazardous waste releases?
    Preventive actions.
  • 6 . Which type of travel is defined as “Air Mobility Command (AMC)-procured plane load charter on commercial aircraft?”
    Category B.
  • 7 . Which air travel category must you use, if available, for personnel traveling on official orders to overseas outside the continental United States (OCONUS) locations?
    AMC category B
  • 8 . Which code of service applies to the international movement of house hold goods when the TSP provides packing and pickup at origin, and then delivery to Air Mobility Command (AMC), as well as providing port-to-port transportation by air, and finally the carrier provides delivery to the destination residence?
    Code T
  • 9 . The formal financial management structure consists of how many groups?
  • 10 . Which code of service identifies and applies to the domestic movement of household goods in a motor van from origin residence to destination residence?
    Code 1.