2A651S Practice Test

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  • 1 . The purpose of an augmentor (afterburner) in a jet engine is to
    augment the maximum thrust capability of the basic engine
  • 2 . What is one of the first indications of ice formation at aircraft engine inlets?
    Compressor stall.
  • 3 . Depot level support includes depot field teams (DFT) and
    contract field teams (CFT).
  • 4 . A BPO is done
    after the last flight of the flying period.
  • 5 . What does fuel for an engine represent?
    Potential energy
  • 6 . What is used to help remove moisture from an area where engines are stored?
  • 7 . If the safety seals on a fuel system component are broken or removed, and you suspect the factory adjustment was altered, you should
    forward the component to the authorized depot for reflow and resealing.
  • 8 . What information is found in Part I of an Air Force technical order (AFTO) Form 244, Industrial/Support Equipment Record?
    Item identification.
  • 9 . On an F100–PW–220 engine, the augmentor spray rings are pressure sensitive and can adjust their fuel nozzle openings in response to
    fuel pressure
  • 10 . The steps in removing the engine and test equipment from the test cell are
    the reverse of the installation sequence.