2A651S Practice Test

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  • 1 . When a bench stock item has a type I shelf-life, it means the item
    has a definite nonextendible period of shelf-life.
  • 2 . When in the primary mode, what controls the operation of the F100-PW–220 engine?
  • 3 . For actuation of the variable vane systems on an F100-PW–220 engine, the MFC provides both the CIVV and
    rear compressor variable vane actuators with fuel pressure.
  • 4 . Oil sampling intervals should not vary by more than
    10 percent.
  • 5 . Which unit of an AC ignition system develops 20,000 volts?
  • 6 . How is inlet Pt2 transmitted from its sensing point?
    Through tubing.
  • 7 . On an F100–PW–220 engine, the leading edge vanes are hollow
    so that anti-icing air can flow through them.
  • 8 . The two air source requirements for a pneumatic starter to operate properly are sufficient
    volume and pressure.
  • 9 . Gases enter the jet-engine’s first-stage turbine wheel blades from the
    turbine stator
  • 10 . On the F119–PW–100 engine, what connects the low-pressure turbine (LPT) to the inlet fan module?