2A651S Practice Test

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  • 1 . In addition to the augmentor, what is the other major assembly on the F119–PW–100 engine?
  • 2 . One micron is a metric linear measurement that is equal to
    1/25,000 inch.
  • 3 . A primary objective of the engine reporting system is to
    maintain accurate and timely engine inventories.
  • 4 . The Fluke 8025A multimeter control that is used to set the meter to check for alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) is the
    function selector rotary switch.
  • 5 . A BPO is done
    after the last flight of the flying period.
  • 6 . The F100 UFC senses certain variables from the engine through the use of
    a closed loop design.
  • 7 . To measure barometric pressure, you would use a
  • 8 . Which type of items must be reflected on the Custodian Authorization/Custody Receipt Listing (CA/CRL)?
    Equipment authorization inventory data.
  • 9 . Increased friction between moving parts in the oil system
    accelerates the rate of wear, increasing the production of wear metal particles.
  • 10 . What does the fifth position of the Air Force specialty code (AFSC) 3A652 represent?
    Specific AFSC.