3D052 - Cyber Systems Ops Practice Test

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  • 1 . (221) To change permissions on a shell script, you use the UNIX command
  • 2 . (212) Which of the following is not one of the elements that most graphical user interfaces are composed of?
  • 3 . (221) The simplest place to put your function definitions is in your
  • 4 . (228) In UNIX, which package of programs lets a terminal handle many sessions at once?
    UNIX™ windows system
  • 5 . (204) The hard drives in a redundant array of independent disks (RAID) array are presented to the server as
    one single hard drive
  • 6 . (221) Which UNIX shell is the most compact and is often used for writing shell scripts?
    Bourne shell
  • 7 . (004) What level of network management activity are you working at when the automated monitoring of components provides problem analysis, giving a root cause alarm for the problem at-hand?
  • 8 . (001) What type of communications network links a broad geographical region?
    Wide area network. (WAN)
  • 9 . (014) What can be used to encrypt a message so that it can only be decrypted by the recipient?
    Public key
  • 10 . (005) Which function of performance management tracks historical data by tracking activities on the network?