3D052 - Cyber Systems Ops Practice Test

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  • 1 . (006) What simple network management protocol (SNMP) node is responsible for monitoring, collecting and reporting management data to the management system?
  • 2 . (229) The first step in quitting an xterm session is to
    quit all non-controlling programs
  • 3 . (011) What is the database of record for registering all systems and applications?
    Enterprise information technology data repository (EITDR)
  • 4 . (013) What is a cryptographic key and certificate delivery system that makes possible secure electronic transactions and exchanges of sensitive information between relative strangers?
    Public key infrastructure (PKI)
  • 5 . (010) What is the process of erasing magnetic media by reducing the magnetic flux to virtual zero by applying a reverse magnetizing field?
  • 6 . (001) What is a privately-owned network whose access is restricted to authorized personnel is called?
  • 7 . (002) What is used to identify network nodes on a physically connected network?
    Media access control address
  • 8 . (201) What is considered to be a computer’s main storage?
    Random access memory (RAM)
  • 9 . (211) What is a set of rules that can be set to affect active directory leaf objects to control what can be done by a user?
    Group policy objects
  • 10 . (203) Which storage device can be easily connected to a network and appears as a network drive?
    Network attached storage (NAS)