3D052 - Cyber Systems Ops Practice Test

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  • 1 . (211) What is a set of rules that can be set to affect active directory leaf objects to control what can be done by a user?
    Group policy objects
  • 2 . (012) An information system on your network that is not set to require the use of a common access card (CAC) or password would be considered a
  • 3 . (218) A feature of networking that enables individuals to designate resources they want other users to be able to access through the network is called
  • 4 . (220) Which sequential query language (SQL) server feature tracks changes and is used to ensure data integrity?
  • 5 . (003) What series of Air Force instruction series covers communications and information?
  • 6 . (006) What area of the simple network management protocol (SNMP) tree structure is reserved for vendors related label and leaf objects associated with specific manufactured equipment?
  • 7 . (010) What regulation covers remanence security?
    AFSSI 8580
  • 8 . (222) What do you type to quit a UNIX shell?
  • 9 . (006) What simple network management protocol (SNMP) node is responsible for monitoring, collecting and reporting management data to the management system?
  • 10 . (204) Which storage device has the means of providing data storage reliability using multiple hard drives?
    Redundant array of independent disks (RAID)