3D052 - Cyber Systems Ops Practice Test

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  • 1 . (015) The two ways key establishment can occur are key
    transfer and agreement
  • 2 . (223) The /dev/dsk and /dev/rdsk directories are sub-directories of which directory?
  • 3 . (219) Which exchange service is the first service launched when Microsoft Exchange starts and the last to stop when it is shut down?
    System attendant
  • 4 . (223) UNIX™ disks are divided into logical sections called
  • 5 . (223) How many characters do most UNIX system administrators and users tend to use for filenames?
  • 6 . (001) How many users are in a multi-server network?
  • 7 . (009) Knowledge-based identification and authentication methods require the user to provide something you
  • 8 . (007) What are the three types of systems management automated report tracking system (SMARTS) notifications?
    Compound events, problems, and symptomatic events
  • 9 . (220) What is the most common type of operation in sequential query language (SQL)?
  • 10 . (202) Which is a term used to describe that data is whole or complete?
    Data integrity