3E651 Practice Test

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  • 1 . Which column of the main in-service work plan (IWP) screen is automatically populated with man-hour availability estimates that are based on historical labor data?
  • 2 . What product is used by deployed commanders to identify deficiencies in unit type code (UTC) capabilities?
    Processing discrepancy report
  • 3 . How many types of work orders are there?
  • 4 . What are geospatial data layers supporting one or more functional communities’ specific missions or processes called?
    Mission data sets (MDS)
  • 5 . Who is the functional expert for their respective area and is essential to the WRM program?
    Unit war reserve material (WRM) managers
  • 6 . When you are assigned to a Prime BEEF position, you are issued a general purpose bag, an extreme cold weather bag, and a
    chemical warfare bag
  • 7 . How often do shop supervisors produce recurring work program (RWP) schedules using Interim Work Information Management System (IWIMS)?
  • 8 . Who is notified immediately when cargo becomes frustrated?
    Deployment control center (DCC)
  • 9 . Which civil engineer (CE) skill levels are operations managers generally assigned as schedulers?
    3E651 – 3E671
  • 10 . What communication centers make up the emergency communication center (ECC)?
    Fire, security force, and medical dispatch centers