3E651 Practice Test

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  • 1 . What should be eliminated from situation reports (SITREP)?
    Unwanted or frivolous information
  • 2 . Who is responsible for the end of session (EOS) process?
    Interim Work Information Management System (IWIMS) Systems Security Administrator (SSA)
  • 3 . The first aircraft squadron arrives at a bare base as a part of the
    initial Force
  • 4 . When running As-Required Reports, which report frequency is reset every time after the end of session (EOS) is processed?
  • 5 . How are minimum and maximum quantity limits specified in a basic indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract?
    Units or dollars
  • 6 . What document is produced as a result of receiving an item into Civil Engineer Material Acquisition System (CEMAS) inventory?
    Property Movement Document
  • 7 . What should you do to keep the tent sidewalls from being caught in the frame joints when raising the tent sides?
    Roll the sidewalls up
  • 8 . Before you begin to spend money on a work order, which AF form must have the correct signature on it?
    327, Base Civil Engineer Work Order
  • 9 . Which positions would an operations manager typically be assigned to?
    Customer service unit representative and scheduler
  • 10 . How many people does it take to pull the cover of the small shelter system (SSS) up over the frame?